Dec 07

Q&A: How much does medical marijuana cost in California?

Query by BlueCheese: How much does health-related marijuana charge in California?
i have been hearing a lot about the health care marijuana dispensaries in California and am wondering just what the rates are.

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Response by Christine B
It is the very same price as unlawful marijuana

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4 comments on “Q&A: How much does medical marijuana cost in California?

  1. Twisted Values on said:

    70 bucks an 1/8 for medical/hydro/chronic on the street.
    I assume the street price is higher than a licensed shop.
    You can’t even find regular weed anymore, its all Medical grade, even comes in a prescription medicine vial.

  2. depends on where you go and what you get.
    prices can be as low as $ 40 an 1/8 or as high as $ 75 an 1/8 for decent stuff (not stress).

    i suggest you get licensed and shop around for yourself.

  3. ge'real folks on said:

    It’s actually a little bit more in the store than the street. Usually on the street, you’re buying from friends, so you get better prices, BUT now I mean recently the stores are getting the top tier strains, and it’s so easy to just drive there and buy it instead of having to bother someone you know to get buy it from them. About $ 60 per 3.5 or 4 grams.

  4. for bomb kush and stuff like that 20 a g and 60 an eighth is pretty standard.. and if your looking for ounce prices they are around 280-350 =-)
    (just got some white widow for 280), OGs and Bubbas are more towards the higher end though.. haha but you can definitely still find some pretty dank chronic and such for 250ish an o.. it all depends on the dispensary you go to and how tight you are with the workers