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Q&A: How much brain cells gets killed by smoking marijuana?

Issue by Ken: How significantly mind cells receives killed by cigarette smoking cannabis?
My pal took about 5 strikes (inhalations) of marijuana. How considerably mind cells did he just eliminate off by carrying out that…a good deal or a small? About how a lot mind cells gets ruined by a single hit of marijuana?

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  1. chris_browns_girl_13 on said:

    Maybe that’s why I’m so dumb.
    Oops. [ jk ]
    but yeah, it’s not that bad.
    hundreds not thousands.

  2. Marijuana does not destroy brain cells. It works by activating cannabinoid receptors in the brain, but this does not destroy or even seriously harm the cells themselves. Long-term, extremely heavy marijuana use has shown evidence of leading to memory loss and some slowed brain activity, but it takes much, MUCH more than five hits to even begin that kind of damage.

    Also remember that everyone’s body is different, and marijuana’s most harmful side effect is not in “killing” brain cells, but in stunting the growth of alternate methods of coping with stressors (in other words, if you rely on weed to get through tough situations, you don’t learn how to deal with them sober). This is part of a psychological addiction.

    Read the website below for more info.


  3. I have yet to find ANY evidence that marijuana kills brain cells at all. It just seems to be the line that ignorant people spout when they actually know nothing about it. 5 puffs is not going to do your friend any harm at all, I have been using marijuana for 17 years and although sometimes I can be a bit forgetful other than that there is nothing wrong with my brain. I am not illiterate or stupid, I have an IQ of 130. I lead a normal life (taking my kids to school and clubs, helping with their homework etc). Although a lot of people (usually those who don’t smoke and believe the propaganda) think all stoners are wasters with no motivation, but that simply isn’t true. Don’t believe all that nonsense, those people are just sheep.