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Q&A: How can researchers know marijuana wont help the Alzheimer’s disease?

Query by Jerry: How can scientists know cannabis wont help the Alzheimer’s condition?
I am doing a study paper on the medical/recreation legalization of cannabis. And I found that it aids individuals with Alzheimer’s, but then I identified this about some study exhibiting that marijuana does not aid mice with Alzheimer’s but my query is, how can they know? I imply it really is an animal. It does whatever it would like anyway. How (if) do they know?

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Response by Edward
This is a challenging reply well beyond the scope of a basic on the web forum.

Extremely essentially, we know mouse actions. We know mouse neurology quite properly. We have properly set up tests and novel tests that are created to test mice.

Lab mice aren’t like the wild mice you are accustomed to. They are distinct even from domestic (pet/feeder) mice.

To recognize how we know this, you have to understand mice, their relation and usefulness to medical investigation, the investigation done (by looking through the study paper), and how the data are interpreted.

For this specific example, one particular simple way to explain to is to evaluate the brains of mice with their edition of Alzheimer’s there had been taken care of with marijuana to these that weren’t. If there is no statistically significant reduction in brain deterioration, then there is no health care reward in mice.

There is a whole lot of conflicting proof on the healthcare use of marijuana. Presently, there is evidence that THC could sluggish the development of Alzheimer’s by blocking one of the crucial pathological markers for it. This isn’t going to mean that it stops Alzheimer’s, it just signifies that THC could Perhaps be utilised to slow or cease the progression of it in people.

Cannabis isn’t really a one compound. It is a complex plant, and the results of each and every compound individually and merged have to be analyzed. There are studies out there that the two assist and deny its usefulness as a source of medication. You just have to go through the person examine and take it for what it is well worth.

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  1. They can see the animals reactions to many different stimuli. And when the mouse stops recognizing the things it should know then they see they marijuana is not helping. They have studied mice and other animals enough to know how they should react to certain stimuli.