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Q&A: Can crabs get high from marijuana smoke?

Question by Rebecca: Can crabs get substantial from marijuana smoke?
I just purchased a small crab that I am trying to keep as a pet & my question is this: Does the THC from cannabis smoke have any result on a crab’s conduct, or even an entryway into a crab’s human body? Remember to realize that this is for medicinal purposes.

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Response by Al E
sure it can make your crab die

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2 comments on “Q&A: Can crabs get high from marijuana smoke?

  1. logical1 on said:

    Uh-huh, medicinal purposes. Well, I don’t know for sure, but if the smoke gets into the air near the crab, I would think that the crab can breathe it. It is much smaller than you, so any chemical will have a much higher effect on it than on you. Perhaps the crab would even get poisoned and die.So I would strongly recommend putting it into a different room, or buying some type of air filter.

  2. I used to get my pets high often.

    Never got a crab high, but I think its possible. Even spiders can get high..

    I’ve gotten small birds stoned, dogs, cats, etc. Like someone else said, these animals are much smaller than you. They need a smaller amount. It only takes like 2 puffs for a dog to get high, so keep that in mind with your crab. It won’t die, marijuana is non-toxic. But it could get sick, maybe even choke on its vomit?

    Do crabs vomit? haha