Feb 21

Q&A: Abcd Which of the following is a long term effect of marijuana use?

Query by Rae’: Abcd Which of the following is a prolonged expression effect of cannabis use?
Which of the subsequent is a lengthy time period effect of marijuana use?
A. Decline of limited-time period memory
B. Inner thoughts of worry and stress
C. Inability to talk clearly
D. Difficulty having to pay consideration

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Solution by momof3
A. loss of limited term memory.

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  1. Mateo M

    C. Inability to speak clearly

  2. Andrew

    The answer depends on the individuals ability to cope with marijuana, just like alcohol affect’s people differently, so does marijuana!

  3. phlebrcn

    none of the above. there is no scientific proof of any of those.

  4. `*amber*`


  5. fckubch

    The person said there is no scientific proof for short term memory loss is retarded. Its A.

  6. Nathan A


    when cops are around and you’re high!?…….who wouldn’t feel panic and anxiety.. lol

  7. Off Grid Granny

    E. None of the above.

    F…Increased creativity; increased ability to solve logic problems; lessened physical problems, including IBD, menstrual cramps, and hysteria; no drunk-driving charges, less chance of Alzheimer’s disease.

  8. camelhopper

    None of the above would be the correct answer. No credible scientific study has ever demonstrated that any of those options are long term.

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