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Q&A: Abcd Which of the following is a long term effect of marijuana use?

Query by Rae’: Abcd Which of the following is a prolonged expression effect of cannabis use?
Which of the subsequent is a lengthy time period effect of marijuana use?
A. Decline of limited-time period memory
B. Inner thoughts of worry and stress
C. Inability to talk clearly
D. Difficulty having to pay consideration

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Solution by momof3
A. loss of limited term memory.

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8 comments on “Q&A: Abcd Which of the following is a long term effect of marijuana use?

  1. Mateo M on said:

    C. Inability to speak clearly

  2. The answer depends on the individuals ability to cope with marijuana, just like alcohol affect’s people differently, so does marijuana!

  3. phlebrcn on said:

    none of the above. there is no scientific proof of any of those.

  4. `*amber*` on said:


  5. fckubch on said:

    The person said there is no scientific proof for short term memory loss is retarded. Its A.

  6. Nathan A on said:


    when cops are around and you’re high!?…….who wouldn’t feel panic and anxiety.. lol

  7. Off Grid Granny on said:

    E. None of the above.

    F…Increased creativity; increased ability to solve logic problems; lessened physical problems, including IBD, menstrual cramps, and hysteria; no drunk-driving charges, less chance of Alzheimer’s disease.

  8. camelhopper on said:

    None of the above would be the correct answer. No credible scientific study has ever demonstrated that any of those options are long term.