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Psilocybin Mushroom Visual Effects (Open & Closed Eye)

I’ve taken Psilocybin Mushrooms on 4 events now. The 1st two activities ended up delicate, akin to a quite heavy cannabis higher. The very last two completely blew…
Online video Score: four / 5

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27 comments on “Psilocybin Mushroom Visual Effects (Open & Closed Eye)

  1. trisky1234 on said:

    fuck them. they’ve lost already.

  2. liam richardds on said:

    with friends , always have on person clean aswell

  3. ItsNotColdEnough on said:

    Shrooms is a very what the fuck type of situation, i find myself constantly getting to a bad trip but at the same time constantly coming back into a good trip. Very small vague things you wouldn’t even think of trigger intense emotions and panic but at the same time other small vague things trigger intense happiness and comfort.

  4. Yu Bichyu on said:

    the thing is in this video the trees and plants are blurry BUT IN REALITY everything becomes entirely vivid and vibrant. you can see every aspect of nature. its BEAUTIFUL

  5. Alexander Ward on said:

    Psilocybin in the forest is still my favourite psychedelic method. Everything around you just pulsates with such amazing life. Thanks for reminding me with this :)

  6. avedic on said:

    Wow…how lame. I’ve had this video up for 4 years and the audio was JUST muted recently…due to some obscure copyright issue. I had a 20 second snippet from a Massive Attack song. Apparently whatever record company represents Massive Attack…they don’t want new people discovering their music and seeking it out. They want it kept hidden it seems. Well, fuck that. :P
    Sorry to everyone that this happened. Maybe one day copyright law will evolve to a point where it makes a modicum of sense.

  7. SuperRighteous7 on said:

    DMT would make you shit your pants compared to mushrooms.

  8. MaddieMajhen on said:

    Then it was like my soul was being sucked out every time I tried to go to sleep. I saw thousands of eyes staring at me and was constantly freaking out. Music was still extremely beautiful all week but other than that it was absolutely horrible, I’ll never mess with DXM after that experience. Bad trips can really change your life for the better though.

  9. MaddieMajhen on said:

    I used to like DXM until I mixed it with Alcohol..that was a horrible experience that no bad mushroom trip could possibly compare to. I was dissociated in and out for an entire week and felt absolutely nothing; I couldn’t feel love. I was stuck in a time loop and thought I’d stay that way for the rest of my life. The actual hallucinogenic/dissociative trip was cool and then it was like God embodied in everything until it all turned to hell..

  10. avedic on said:

    I’ve done DXM once…and honestly, it was fascinating. I found the visuals with closed eyes to be very interesting indeed. I liked it.
    As for bad mushroom trips…making sure you have a comfortable environment for a good 7 hours is important. Don’t watch tv(though it can be amusing to do so), don’t take phone calls, don’t be around people who you’d feel paranoid around. Just be comfortable and you’ll be fine. Some bad trips can be positive..they address deep problems in your subconscious.

  11. MaddieMajhen on said:

    I am very curious as to what a scary/bad trip is like. I’m trying mushrooms for the first time this summer out in the nature with my fiance and I’m pretty sure with someone so close to me there it shouldn’t be too too too bad lol but..just being careful. I’m okay with a bad trip though. I had the most horrible experience of my life on Alcohol + DXM and it lasted over a week so I’d say mushrooms can’t be worse than that. Nothing could possibly be worse than that..

  12. JohnAllanification on said:

    .. used to do it w/MDA lol 40 (forty) year’s ago but still mind expanding.
    it’s not for everyone but everyone should do it at least once.

  13. avedic on said:

    It makes me wonder. Apparantly Alex Grey got the image itself FROM a psychedelic trip. So…am I and him and others seeing the same thing? Is it some deeply buried part of our genetic memory? Is it a signal we’re all tuning in to? No idea. But it is odd that such a SPECIFIC image would show up so crystal clear in my trip. I remember being astounded by how 3D, colorful, voluminous, and specific it was. It wasn’t hazy like a dream or the mind’s eye. It was as sharp as an HD TV…times 10.

  14. MrAdrianbelew on said:

    I’ve actually experienced the center image while being completely sober, before ever even listening to Tool or being familiar with Alex Grey’s work,or doing any sort of drugs, so I think to some degree it has to be a little deeper than a imagination of a piece of art you were familiar with.

  15. TheCookieSeeker on said:

    is it massive atack? atlast the 1st part

  16. TheCookieSeeker on said:

    whats the treack name? i have it on my playlist but cant find it now

  17. zach791382465 on said:

    TooL :D !!!!!

  18. TheJDM45 on said:

    You lucky bastards… I haven’t tried magic shrooms in my entire life. I want to try it so bad because I just feel it will enhance my imagination… left brain < right brain

  19. avedic on said:

    Personally, I’ve done it with people all 4 times, and by now, I’m ready to do it alone. But, your first time, it helps having people…but make sure they’re good people. Anyone with bad vibes can ruin your experience. But good friends can add to it.
    As for dose, anything under 5 grams and you’re really not going to get the full effect.
    As for sobering up, there’s not much you can do. Over time, you’ll begin to come in and out of it in waves. If you freak out, listen to music and just relax. :)

  20. avedic on said:

    Sure is. Actually, the reason I included that image is because I litterally saw it on my trip. To this day that still astounds me. Was it because I was familiar with the image? Or was it something I would have seen anyway? The strange thing was, it was hyper 3D, it went on into the distance into infinity. And the colors cycled through the spectrum. And the level of detail was so hyper lucid and vivid and sharp…like the most HD TV ever made. That vision still sticks with me.

  21. Wammy92k on said:

    My best friend wants to try it with me, so I would feel pretty comfortable doing them with him. My first experience with with a guy I barely even knew, so that must of been what made it scary.

  22. James Joiner on said:

    avedic is definitely correct is telling you setting is everything. The best advice I can give is that you ABSOLUTELEY MUST evaluate your own self and be fully aware of your most negative and positive attributes before the journey. Rule out what the “world” says about you. Only YOU know your true self. Be ready to confront ALL aspects of yourself both good and bad during the journey. It will change you forever, for the better.

  23. MegaHellcat666 on said:

    The picture for the closed eye visuals is a picture from Tool’s 1000 days album, I think

  24. scottbrodiebam on said:

    @damill14,,One more video for you to watch bro is called Amazing landscapes four seasons with Wonderful chill out music part four,, it made my soul cry,,, I will in no way freak out if u watch that vid,, much love x

  25. scottbrodiebam on said:

    It’s like 16 mins long with amazing visuals and music if u feel bit on edge watch the vid it will put u in a good place, but trust me if u can just let go and go with the flow u will see such beauty within yourself and also in nature,,another thing that helped me to stay calm was to just close my eyes and watch the amazing rainbows and fractals and all kinds images in my mind,, have fun brotha :)

  26. Oliver5000xo on said:

    Oh my gosh, this video is a joke, it must be

  27. imcrazy85 on said:

    what non-information lol