Sep 09

MJNA and Dixie Elixirs and Edibles on Fox News

Health-related Cannabis inc. and the Dixie Elixirs and Edibles on Fox Information.

Matt talks about Marijuana Investments in the sort of weed stocks that are already available on the exchanges. The stocks talked about are a element of the so phone…


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  1. isnotlam

    Go away, Geraldi.

  2. tyuhdteysh

    I forgot to mention, They have a entire legal business model and are set to distibute international in 27 countries. The feds can’t shut them down.

  3. tyuhdteysh

    Ticker symbol, MJNA  The feds will not step in, The stock is at ground level and their revenue growth is up 1100%…. they operate at a 60% profit margin. Go on the yhoo message board and look at the coversations. They are projected to do 45 million this year in revenue and 60% profit margin.

  4. SteFan AsaNka

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  5. alberto williams

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  6. alberto williams

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  8. williams jerry

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  9. customneonshirts

    damn I hope everyone saw my comment about fannie mae – if so you made 10x your money. I was very close to doing a separate video about that but too busy recording music.

  10. John W

    I am sorry my friend, I am in the learning process just as you are. I would recommend starting a SCOTSTRADE account online. They offer some small valued advise on companies you may have interest in. I would research very well before investing a single penny. Watch some of these companies for a few weeks before investing and see how their stock is doing and always any inside info is your edge on the next guy. Thanks

  11. customneonshirts

    hmmm, maybe I should do a tutorial, stock trading 101. What kind of questions do you have?

  12. SmartLife87

    Where can I learn how to trade stocks?

  13. John W

    It all made sense and I will seriously consider what you’ve said. The ERBB stock slumped this past friday. For me its all about info and what i read and hear. I will look into FNMA and see what they are about. Have you invested into FNMA. But as you suggested ERBB stock is so low now I may just buy a few rainy day shares at low price now, hold on to them and just see what happen in the future. I will let you know how it how the FNMA purchases will go. Thanks

  14. customneonshirts

    Yeah it really depends on your goals with the money. If you want something safe, I would look at a broad ETF, maybe a dividend payer like SDIV. If you’re looking to basically do educated gambling, small individual companies can multiply your money…. or make it go to zero! I like FNMA more than these weed stocks. ERBB price is back down to buying zone for ultra-high risk/reward.

  15. John W

    Good info. Will not invest in erbb.im on scotstrade now. Have about 8 different companies im researching and looking at. If you see or hear anything on the market, I’d ask that you contact me. Thanks

  16. customneonshirts

    It depends on your goal with this money. If you invest in some micro caps like these, you should be willing to flush that money down the toilet – you trade reward potential for risk. Under any circumstance high risk stocks should be a small percentage of your overall portfolio.

  17. John W

    what marijauna companys do you recommend? I keep seeing guys on here speak of erbb. I have about a grand to potentially place on the market, but Its a one time deal now and I expect to hit big and make it count. Thanks

  18. customneonshirts

    ERBB is an ATM lately 

  19. Cherokee Wolf

    ERBB all the way!!!

  20. customneonshirts

    I hope you did that. What a ride huh? Every day I regret selling some of my shares the day before

  21. customneonshirts

    What’d you do? This has been crazy. Multiply by 5 on mjna since my first advice. Folks, take a profit and play with the bank’s money

  22. cheeple

    OK ERBB it is then, I’m willing to slap $100 on it, what about the others?

  23. customneonshirts

    … also there are attorneys among the directors board who may not risk their law profession in a scam. I also can’t find any history of pump and dump for the high level execs so my best guess is it’s legit. I’m not a pro, but that is my thinking. Mainly, I’m not seeing any pumping here though the balance sheet is a disaster. I would say this should be a very small portion in any portfolio but the stock has potential for explosive growth

  24. customneonshirts

    There is a risk and some talking about erbb being a pump and dump – probably the biggest risk here since the feds have said they aren’t going after people where it’s legal in their state. It is hard to say, but my best guess is that it’s legit. They have been around since 1998 and it used to be 70 cents – where is the pumping. I don’t see the earmarks of a pump and dump with aggressively trying to sell you on the stock

  25. cheeple

    I just looked up that ERBB, damn it’s less than a penny! You think it could ever reach a buck a share?

  26. customneonshirts

    So MJNA – multiplied money by 3x if you bought around the time of the video. Wow – playing with the bank’s money now. ERBB – they show no revenue gen on their books – I’m cautious about this, although I did have a nice bump on a day that they were up 40%

  27. customneonshirts

    Hey you’re right about the symbols and spot on in identifying ERBB as another ultra-direct play – you can get 33,000 shares of that for a hundred bucks too (not necessarily a good thing haha). I like that they are in Colorado so they could tap into the recreational market and have a pending email with them regarding any official position in doing so – will let you know if they respond.

  28. rickgrowince

    Great Video the stock symbols for Medical Marijuana Inc is MJNA Hemp inc is HEMP Medbox Inc is MDBX and don’t forget ERBB

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