Dec 10

Medical Use of Cannabis – Medical Marijuana – Part 1

Healthcare Use of Cannabis – Health care Marijuana – Component 1
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1 of Montana’s youngest health-related cannabis card holders is Income Hyde, a two ½-calendar year-old boy who battled a mind tumor and won. Cash’s dad, Michael Hyde, states the drug served Money with his battle. “I think that, you know, Cash’s with us for a good deal of factors, 1 of them I would have to say is the power of prayer, one particular he is a going for walks wonder and the other 1 is he is a individual of healthcare cannabis, which has I consider drastically benefited his battle,” explained Hyde. www.kbzk.com www.cannabisculture.com
Online video Rating: 4 / 5

49 comments on “Medical Use of Cannabis – Medical Marijuana – Part 1

  1. Peacemaker Paskwayak on said:

    ..puff puff pass fuk your just wasting it talking!

  2. maybealover on said:


  3. SAlvizo on said:

    I would agree with you if said drug caused more harm than good. But the simple fact is you can’t prove its harm, because it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t kill anyone. It isn’t addictive, medically speaking. Hell, if you take too much aspirin you will die. So I don’t suggest doing it. But in order to take in enough marajuana to kill yourself, you would die from suffocation from the smoke before you would die from the chemicals in the smoke itself. Good luck on accomplishing that.

  4. LynchByInch on said:

    You are highly misinformed HIGHLY. Go see how many billions was wasted arresting innocent marijuana smokers then talk to me. Legalizing would let all the benefits of marijuana come and save the world, providing better ways of living from medical uses down to the oil that could be coming out of vehicles so like I said, if your still thinking marijuana is a drug then your just living in the past, and your following the wrong information.

  5. Mitsuraga on said:

    Someone’s misinformed.

  6. jenn1ifer on said:

    medical use is already legal in California. The sick and dieing can use marijuana for medical use. legalizing marijuana has NOTHING to do with medical use. Your argument that it has medical value is now void.

  7. jenn1ifer on said:

    • legalizing marijuana will violate the Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 costing the state of California billions in Federal funding, public schools will lose $9.4 billion dollars alone. It will violate the Controlled Substance Act, and putting the U.S. in violation of the U.N. drug convention. Most countries take the point of view that recreational drug use is detrimental to society and must be illegal.

  8. LynchByInch on said:

    Too many reasons to keep it illegal???? Are you kidding me??? obviously you dont really know what marijuana is, and when you got a video explaining you medical uses that can help people better then synthetic drugs and medicine that doesn’t work, and does more harm then good, you still think it should be illegal? You must be one big fool that hates on a plant that has capabilities to save this world.

  9. LynchByInch on said:

    LMFAO yea I fucking see dragons when I smoke, this whole argument is bigger then the retarded facts that you have brought here, if their are all these positive benefits from marijuana (cures cancer, helps with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, stimulates braincell growth, the list is too long) why do accusations like that sound like they dont go together???? Guess what,They dont. I hope your not getting your information from a biased place that will do nothing but mislead you.

  10. jenn1ifer on said:

    there are too many reasons to keep it illegal.

  11. jenn1ifer on said:

    THC is a psychoactive drug and a mild hallucinogen.

  12. LynchByInch on said:

    Are you considering marijuana a drug? Cause if you are then you need to get your facts straight.

  13. Mitsuraga on said:

    In the case of other substances, perhaps, I couldn’t agree more. But in the case of cannabis, your position is sheer nonsense. Feel free to disagree, but recreational cannabis users harm no one and should be looked at in a very similar light to medical use. Either way, its purpose is to put patients and users at ease. The research benefits both parties. That said, medical use and recreational use don’t go hand-in-hand, and I admit that research for medical purposes is more important.

  14. jenn1ifer on said:

    The medical use of any drug should not be seen as encouraging recreational use of the drug.

  15. nicoriot23 on said:

    Happy 4/20 every body.

  16. laurb4719 on said:

    Herb heals the nation, alcohol destroys it! Thank you Bob Marley

  17. Mitsuraga on said:

    There is no reason not to legalize it.

  18. 512thewiseowl on said:

    What god are you talking about ? the closed minded, dogmatic god whos in the christian bible ? haha its more realistic to believe in many different gods like the greeks did then to believe in a supreme being

  19. LethalChaos07 on said:


  20. Knudjensen54 on said:

    What a load of shit, that we are evolving from one cell, God will punise you for that statement..

  21. DOKTORHANF on said:

    Cannabis in der Medizin – Schwerpunkt: Tourette-Syndrom, Schmerztherapie, Krebs, HIV) – Hanf als Nutz- und Heilpflanze – DOKTOR HANF

  22. DOKTORHANF on said:

    Cannabis in der Medizin – Schwerpunkt: Tourette-Syndrom, Schmerztherapie, Krebs, HIV) – Hanf als Nutz- und Heilpflanze – DOKTOR HANF

  23. moneyjr1122 on said:

    guten tage XD

  24. EssiacHempLaetrile on said:

    Rick Simpson … “Hemp Oil Cures Cancer”

    Dr. Melamede … “Cannabinoids kill Cancer Cells”

    Dr. Di Marzo … “THC exhibits anti – tumor effects on various Cancer Cell types”

    SETH Group “Herbal (THC) compound kills brain Cancer Cells – but not normal brain cells.”

    Dr. Guzman … “THC can promote the autophagic death of human and mouse Cancer Cells”

    Dr. Mechoulam … “we gave THC oil drops 400 times to children 1 -13 years old with Cancer & prevented vomiting & nausea 100%”

  25. JanaINJax on said:

    I never said anything about Cash, hon. I am extremely sorry for your loss though.

  26. jakota curtis on said:

    well i might just be upset that my cousin that was fighting cancer just died or maybe i am just crazy. i haven’t really figuared it out yet. but people shouldn’t be talking shit on things/people he doesnt even know anything about

  27. JanaINJax on said:

    Wow, are you crazy or do you just tend to get things misconstrued and fly off the handle? No one called anyone a worthless piece of garbage. . oh, wait. . you did. Get some help.

  28. jakota curtis on said:

    ok you want to know what you piece of shit that my fucking family your talking shit about, ok so you better check yourself you worthless piece of shit. i bet you would never had the balls to even try to save somebody or stick thorugh and fight through this discusting disease. you will never be able to know what this kid had to offer. you lived a hero and died a hero. One Love <3 R.I.P Cashy

  29. Antwan Griffin on said:

    Jerry Sandusky rapes kids & traumatizes them = gets 30 years
    Chris Williams grows medical marijuana & helps people = gets 80 years
    Our country is fucked -__-

  30. JABoneDC on said:

    dont tell me you dont think that dad totally uses his sons medicine…well played..

  31. EssiacHempLaetrile on said:

    -”It’s been over 60 days Cash Hyde has been hit really hard with the high cbd and high thc oil personally I don’t think he’s getting better.” Kalli Hyde
    -”May I get Dr. Melamede and Dr. Mechoulam’s opinions please? Also it’s possible he needs his receptors cleared. A friend is an expert- may I contact him please- Lets get everyone in on it” Dr. Janet Sweeney
    -”Fine with me! Anything” Kalli Hyde
    Q. Kalli Hyde does ANYTHING mean finally using Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure ALL 95-98% Δ9-THC Hemp Oil?

  32. orangerange201 on said:

    ha im 13 and smoke

  33. mrhempoilsoldier on said:

    WE ARE SUPPOSE TO TAKE IT. smoking is bad yes so eat it in food
    you loose no medicinal advantage if you eat or juice it
    make muffins with it

  34. justyo96 on said:

    @PaintKyZR … And caused them to refocus their priorities.

  35. justyo96 on said:

    @PaintKyZR Actually, the reason for your second statement is directly because of the fact that marijuana is illegal. Higher level jobs require secondary education, and if you have been caught in possession of marijuana in certain areas you’re legally not aloud to attend college/university, and because of mandatory drug testing that companies force. It’s obvious why prison is related to it, and unemployment could be caused by the fact that the person has been mixed in with the wrong croud…

  36. JonathanSantiago70 on said:

    I love weed :)

  37. George McClure on said:

    Hey brandee, you pronounced “especially” wrong. There’s no x in there…signed a pot head. That being said, yeah, kids shouldn’t be smoking weed if they don’t need it.

  38. CharlieChucho on said:


  39. wakenbaked420 on said:

    My mom used to throw me in a box and her and his friends would blow smoke in it… Good Times

  40. Brett Hendrixson on said:

    His name is cash lmao. he’s cahin bowls all day lololol

  41. P90Recordz on said:

    Hey man i startet to smoke weed since i was 2 lol:D

  42. PaintKyZR on said:

    There are loads of people who are perfectly functional, intelligent, healthy and productive smokers.
    On the other hand there are more complete fuckups who now have no hope beyond low-level employment/unemployment/prison because of the very same plant. I am speaking from experience, honestly.
    I have watched people turn into lazy, apathetic (do not confuse with pathetic), irritable and overall stupid people because of Marijuana. Equally me and my friends smoke it occasionally and are fine.

  43. Lilmisswagger21 on said:

    aw god bless

  44. EssiacHempLaetrile on said:

    “Non psychoactive Cannabinoids (CBD) are an important nutritional component and have profound benefits for many illnesses. HOWEVER if I had Cancer and choose to use high dose Cannabis extracts, I would use THC containing medicine (Rick Simpson’s Cancer Cure ALL Hemp Oil) because of the demonstrated role of the CB1 receptor plays in killing numerous Cancers in tissue culture and animal models.”
    Dr. Melamede, President & CEO, Cannabis Science / University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

  45. insincerityoffical on said:

    Brandee needs to chill out, smoke up and get a good fucking. that what make my girl happy:)

  46. drummerhero4652 on said:

    Brandee looks like Sara Pallins daughter.

  47. LTDanno360 on said:

    awww im soo glad we have this medicine

  48. funymaggot12 on said:

    and you dont even have to smoke it it comes in a pil in edibles in oils all that shit

  49. funymaggot12 on said:

    this is gods way of saying its time to recocnize my most prized possetion creation wich is canabis