Jan 12


State Attorney Common instructed KFI News that he supports the efforts of Los Angeles District Legal professional Steve Cooley and Metropolis Lawyer Carmen Trutanich to “Go right after Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Promoting Pot to Patients.” Brown also mentioned that “Sales of Marijuana are Illegal No Subject What,” and only the Courts and Condition Legislature can make clear the regulation. The information is a blow to some Los Angeles City Councilmembers, who final week proposed a legislation legalizing the sale of marijuana, as extended as it was not for revenue. Jerry Brown’s view that income are illegal “no subject what” is his see of the present condition of the legislation in California, and he urged the Courts and the Condition Legislature to supply some clarification.
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  1. ajean dams on said:

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  2. jimboke6yb on said:

    So the answer is to just push it back underground, back into the hands of the murderous mexican drug cartels, We did not learn back in the 1930′s I guess we gotta wait for all the old fuddy duddy politicians to die off before we can get reform. Now, who are the REAL Idiots?

  3. theeSammEnglish7 on said:

    just posted a vedio containing hostess.. and how union members corupted the formula from inside the hostes co.

  4. jameslrd on said:

    Sales are illegal, but donations in a collective are lawfull.

  5. Conkyproductions on said:

    In Cali probably. But it is not that easy to get one in other states. Trying getting a card in Oregon for “Depression”.

  6. Jazepentz on said:

    Gangster stigma? How so? I am only pointing out facts my friend. I think medicinal Majijuana is a good thing if used correctly. I personally am not allowed to have a medical majijuana card. Probation sucks that way. I am planning on getting one once I discharge my number. I personally will stick to the edibles though. I will also only use it for these fucking migraines that just wont quit.

  7. MattyTheMole on said:

    I presume you carry a Medical Marijuana recommendation like myself. You are right in saying there are a lot of people who abuse the system. I have witnessed so many dispensaries get shut down because people are are getting busted for petty crap like smoking in dispensary parking lots, littering the ground with jars and baggys, along with dumb ass’s like Jazapentz who put this illiterate gangster stigma on ‘smoking weed’. If all this continues California is going to repeal the law.

  8. Bluntsmoker92 on said:

    ur right,ur right, ill back off now haha, but fuk english 2!

  9. Jazepentz on said:

    Oh and calling me stupid when you obviously need to take a fucking English class really makes you look soooooooo smart.

  10. Jazepentz on said:

    The thing that you fail to realize is this… Marijuana is legalized as a medicine. The people go in and ABUSE the system by SAYING that they have an ailment without having one just so that they can get high. If you people really want it legalized then you should stop abusing the program that is already in place. It makes those people NO BETTER than those who go out and use vicodin or oxys by gettin a prescription written just so they can get high.

  11. Bluntsmoker92 on said:

    bitch! I know its potent! but u dont even get the beuutifull natural taste of the gonja! smokin is the shit! cake ass bitch

  12. Jazepentz on said:

    Smoking is the WORST way to use marijuana. Edibles and oils are far more potent and effective…READ A FUCKIN BOOK

  13. Bluntsmoker92 on said:

    ur probly a dumn fuk wight girl hugh? go to hell. JENIFEr!!!!

  14. Bluntsmoker92 on said:

    thats the point dumn fuk! it needs 2 be liegal! fag! and wtf? smoking is the best way! daaam ppl now a dayz need 2 be shot in the head 4 beein so fukn retarted

  15. Bluntsmoker92 on said:

    what gives u the right 2 say how mutch pain some one is in? maybe those ppl handing out flyerz are just tying to spread the word that there are small aliments that marijuana can help….the “TERMINAL” patients need it more….but weed is good 4 alote of thingz, thats why it should be liegal!

  16. jacob7207 on said:

    “Dope Business.” 

    Enough said.

  17. Jazepentz on said:

    The fact of the matter is that prop 215 was a poorly written bill and the law itself is abused more than any other precriptive law. While I will agree that is is far better to use Marijuana than it is to be popping oxycontins on a daily basis, it is still wrong for any law of this nature to be broken or abused in the manner that it is. Those of you who want to see marijuana legalized 100% are only hurting your own cause by abusing this medical system for recreational purposes….

  18. mikejoseph626 on said:

    If you read the actual Prop 215 you would know it is for “is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the persons health would benefit from the use of marijuana in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief. ” Don’t spread Misinformation. thx

  19. schmokem on said:

    I have a card too, for my headaches. fuck these guys… I know I need it.

  20. humanoflife on said:

    i know how it is at venice as well, but the facts are if you go to a local doctor u can get much more dangerous prescriptions just by telling him you have insomnia,pain,depression, etc. for now yes its supposed to be for terminal petients with aids,cancer,ms, but its also used for less terminal patients like me who have a little but of anxiety . come november 2 its ganna be on the ballot to legalize it 100% for 21 and over and im voting yes!

  21. Jazepentz on said:

    I agree with you somewhat as well, but when you walk down the Venice Beach boardwalk and there are people handing out flyers for doctors that give you reasons to tell the doctor that you need it, there is something wrong. Those doctors should have their licenses revoked. The Compassionate use act was designed to help TERMINAL patients with their ailments. It was not put in place so that every stoner could go to the doctor and say that they have trouble sleeping and get a card.

  22. humanoflife on said:

    i somewhat agree but there are sick people right now that do need it and if people are using it that are not sick thats just reality with all drugs alcohol,tabbaco,prescription pills, noonoe has ever overdosed on weed ever!

  23. casualtySR on said:

    fuck jerry brown, he’s a complete fgt

  24. forthe9two5 on said:

    Pots better when its illegal anyways, It holds more value. Im trying to start a grow op soon and if this shits legalized and the value goes down im fucked.

  25. Jazepentz on said:

    Fuck Jerry Brown. I will never vote for him. I do agree that marijuana is illegal to sell, as federal statute trumps state laws or lack thereof. Smoking marijuana is a horrible way to us it as a medicine anyhow. Edibles are the best way. Smokable marijuana should not be included in Ca’s law. Edible and pill form should be the only way or nothing at all. This state’s medical laws are only an easy way for people to take advantage. There are too many people not even sick that have those cards.