Dec 07

Medical Marijuana: New (and Growing) Source of Tax Revenue

Medical Marijuana: New (and Growing) Source of Tax Revenue

From the Bulk Report, dwell M-F 11:30am EST and via everyday podcast at http://Greater part.FM: Cities and states are raising taxes on medical marijuana to aid …

25 comments on “Medical Marijuana: New (and Growing) Source of Tax Revenue

  1. InstTaxSolutionsLLC on said:

    Medical marijuana dispensaries also face some difficult tax challenges when
    they need to claim deductions for their legitimate business expenses.

  2. David McGirr on said:

    “There is a lot of tax revenue to be raised from activity that’s going to
    take place anyway”

  3. Jimmy Reefercake on said:

    the best!

  4. dee kay on said:

    crushed weed + lime + water=alternative cement

  5. biggydx on said:

    @unassumption It isnt so much the health benefits, rather than it is a
    monopoly of the way drugs are handled and distributed. If they make a pill
    off the drug, then so be it. The problem is, they are lobbying Congress
    (and probably the president) to keep such a drug illegal. Even when 52% of
    the country agrees with legalizing it.

  6. jeff bergstein on said:

    Thanks to “States’ Rights.”

  7. MyNickdanger on said:

    In Genesis It Says God GAVE All Seed Bearing Herbs To Man! There! It Should
    Be free! Cigerettes Kill More People Than Pot Ever Did! Tell The Truth!
    Thanks For The Info, Sam! Peace! Nick

  8. Bo Goren on said:

    So “marijuana is much more potent now than it used to be”, where are all
    the crazed people like how it was depicted in Reefer Madness?

  9. unassumption on said:

    @jeffthecoder Are you implying i said pot is a gateway drug? I didn’t, and
    agree with everything you say, any evidence that it is would be due to it
    being illegal. It’s like saying alcohol is a gateway drug

  10. MedicalMarijuanaMini on said:

    obama loves the drug war and has cracked down on medical marijuana more
    than bush. an inconvenient truth.

  11. QuartuvLarry on said:


  12. MedicalMarijuanaMini on said:

    @LoryLandskipper because they love taxes and want to tax it.

  13. Joeybagadounuts08 on said:

    It seems the only reason pot isn’t legal is to protect the prison industry.
    They need those criminals to make money.

  14. butchermachine on said:

    I hope I see marijuana legalized in my lifetime.

  15. unassumption on said:

    @biggydx I don’t disagree at all but i don’t think they’re AS big a force
    in pushing this as the police (or even politicians not wanting to back
    down). It doesn’t mean there isn’t health benefits to it thought right? We
    need to stop’em step on votes! The monopoly given by their copyright is bad
    enough but it’s how these companies run and it’s made good products so far
    BUT we need to improve it because it’s a big burden on sick people and
    nations as a whole. Copyright needs to change!

  16. Nikki Dussault on said:

    As long as the top 3 campaign contributors in this country are
    pharmaceutical companies, marijuana will never be legalized.

  17. biggydx on said:

    Many presidents within our nations history have engaged in some sort of
    narcotic or drug use. The fact that they wish to be hypocrites and look you
    (predominantly Black) youth and adults in prison for simply doing the same
    thing they did is an atrocity. Not only is sending people to jail for this
    a blight on their chances to get a decent job, chances are you end up doing
    more damage because now they WILL come into contact with drug dealers and
    pushers. You then turn kids into criminals.

  18. unassumption on said:

    @jeffthecoder I ‘ve never figured out what point they’re trying to make.
    this is a perfect example of a mindless meme people say because everyone
    else does without thinking about how non-sequentir it is. If ALL of it was
    stronger AND people just couldn’t use it responsably like they can vodka or
    rum, then the stats would reflect that. If SOME is stronger now, that
    doesn’t make ‘beer’ stronger! In one case it’s obviously wrong in the other
    completely pointless, what they geting at?

  19. Bo Goren on said:

    @jeffthecoder No, no implications. I’m simply quoting some of the talking
    points used to defend marijuana as an illegal substance, and then debunking

  20. MedicalMarijuanaMini on said:

    @Bronzecop sorry you lost me there. not sure what the 1986 Firearms Ban
    (machine guns?) has to do with the subject at hand. i’m guessing you’re not
    a cancer patient?

  21. MedicalMarijuanaMini on said:

    @Bronzecop There is nothing more helpless and irresponsible than a man in
    the depths of an ether binge. Hunter S. Thompson

  22. ctwatcher on said:

    CO legalized medical marijuana, POTUS said leave the patients alone,
    citizens of Ft. Collins,Loveland,Greeley & Windsor petitioned the
    dispensaries out as alcohol and big pharma profits were falling.

  23. InvisibleDiary on said:

    4:28…pretty close Sam, pretty close.

  24. xadam2dudex on said:

    the war on drugs is nothing more than a terrorist war on the lower
    classes..none of the bankers who launder the money ever get arrested none
    of the CIA agents running hard drugs get arrested

  25. Bo Goren on said:

    @unassumption So “marijuana is a gateway drug”. The only reasons this could
    be true is due to bad education about marijuana. Also, since the guy people
    go to for marijuana is also the same guy to go to for stronger drugs, it is
    only logical that a pusher would try to sell customers on the harder stuff.
    I am unable to see ANYTHING that shows that a person would be drawn to hard
    drugs simply because they have THC in their system.