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Medical Marijuana legal in sports?

Concern by Jack: Health care Marijuana authorized in sports activities?
Can you, If you are in a collegiate activity wether it be NCAA division 1-3, NA1A, NJCAA smoke marijuana if you have a doctors’ prescription for it (med card)? Or will it make you ineligible to perform, espically if you are randomly selected to just take a drug check on the crew?

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Reply by ∞infiniti∞
Your question is moot.
If you are so impaired that you need “health-related marijuana” you are also way too impaired to play collegiate sporting activities.

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  1. TruthB on said:

    A question for the Coach! In the NCAA, etc. (as listed) drug tests become possible in Championships rounds. Random testing could occur so if using MMJ ask your coach for advice. This may be a whole new territory for coach and the leagues.