Feb 05

Medical Marijuana in Rhode Island

This was my final project for quarter 2 in VAP @ NEIT. It is also my very first time taking pictures an ENG type news tale. I was liable for chosing my matter, creating, producing, directing,scripting, shooting, animating, narrating, enhancing and mixing this task. Hopefully this can help other begining VAP learners who may want to develop similar assignments.
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www.examiner.com MikeCann.internet Job interview with Dave, a authorized health-related user in Rhode Island for his broken neck. Music Lady on Leading girlontop.com
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  1. Ricy Mardona

    Nice information. Nice video post.

  2. babeehead13

    dude is dead now

  3. NatureValleybud

    i live down the street from burivill and they do have good care takers i will be smokeing strains from there thiss weekend if u wana check out my channel please subscribe

  4. youuser69lol

    i bet 9secondsflat feels like a complete dick now

  5. ComedyBaby123

    u lucky son of a bitch

  6. F0URtwenty420

    Nah, the answer is a simple one. The founding fathers were absolutely wrong in some of their ways and right in others. Nowadays we are right in ways they were wrong and we are wrong in ways that they were right. Life is filled with irony, open your eyes and you’ll see that.

  7. 9secondsflat

    and GW was a big slave owner….you want to bring back the good old days????

  8. F0URtwenty420

    George Washington once said, “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” That’s cannabis indica, which had been bred for its drug effects. This was during a time of peace and prosperity. Why don’t you learn a little about your history?

  9. 9secondsflat

    go fuck your monther your a failure and waste to society

  10. F0URtwenty420

    At least I use better grammar “than” you…you’re the one who would raise ignorant children. Get fucked.

  11. GregGreg1983

    I live in the same town lol ha ha !

  12. Nate Kopka

    dude im from rhode island not gonna say where though… lol.. but i was wondering what kind of doctor i would go to ? because i have severe nausea chronic pain ,anxiety , and depression…. Any references???? and would i beable to grow my own plants ? thank you

  13. 9secondsflat

    keep smoking pot….your lungs will be black as a niger…do everyone a favor take your ass out of the gene pool….the world does not need another asshole like you having children who are more ignorant then you

  14. F0URtwenty420

    RIP bro, you’re in a better place now…free from ignorant fuckin’ idiots.

  15. F0URtwenty420

    Actually, heroin is semi-synthetic. Opium is its natural precursor, you fucking idiot. You’re the only fucking idiot here. You fucking idiot.

  16. MikeCANN

    dave passed away.

  17. 9secondsflat

    heroin is natural you fucking idiot…your a fucking junky

  18. thereddotheadshot

    as many as you would like or no more than 12? I believe the law states no more than 12. Am I correct in saying that?

  19. FSTRNU23

    get urs bud.. glad to hear its workin for u n keepin u UP.. stay good son, fukin wheelie that bitch!!

  20. 1real4boy

    haha think of it this way,u culd smoke weed illegaly and be able to walk + take no pills …or u culd smoke weed legaly take tons of pills and be handicapped for life…u decide

  21. pork489


  22. hgeny

    thanks for the post. Breaks that stereo- cartoon type that if you smoke pot your in spaceland and can’t think or talk.

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