Jan 20

Medical marijuana help opioid withdrawals

Working day 1-two detox while smoking cigarettes cannabis will help with detox signs.
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8 comments on “Medical marijuana help opioid withdrawals

  1. noogywoogy on said:

    Not true!!maybe if you didn’t smoke while on opiates….i have an association with the combo.So smoking just makes me want opiates more ,but any distraction may help …everyone’s different.Good luck tho..it’s not forever!

  2. eddysvideos33 on said:

    I think benzos (Valium, Xanax, Klonopin) Are best for withdrawal. Yes they can be addictive, but personally I hate benzos so they are perfect for me. Just load up on water, immodium, benzos, vitamins, and something like gatorade that has salt (electrolytes). It’s gonna be hell, but no way around it suboxone is temporary and only a mask. Once you get past the hard part (flu like symptoms) it will slowly get better. You will slowly regain energy and come out of depression. Keep Busy!!!

  3. GlockShooter83 on said:

    i agree! i just cold turkd off 4 30′s a day habbit of 3 years (at least)…i always make sure to get ambien, zanax, and some bud, also bacardi…sound like id be better off with just opiates-but just for the detox i get so wasted i cant feel anything..but the trick is, get 1, just1 2mg or 8mg suboxone tab-use after moderate withdrwal kicks in, and dont use it again, just one dose-takes the edge of big time. dont do wat i do-my body is used to all this shit-do not kill urself with my method

  4. nick cherwinsk on said:

    i agree if it werent for weed id still be useing

  5. DavyAnthonyMedina on said:

    Bud doesn’t help me it just gets me stuck on how shitty I feel, I starting taking vicodin and norcos my 6th grade year, I graduated high school 2 years ago now I’m on methadone. I like that shit to much, I hate it.

  6. heavensentprincess1 on said:

    can’t hear very well!! although I am sure this has been hard for you! Just know SOME people know what your going through! :)

  7. RunAMuckGirl2 on said:

    Good luck to you! Thanks for sharing your struggles. ♥(((Hugs)))♥

  8. casualtySR on said:

    It’s also great for helping to get some sleep when you have bad restless leg syndrome from withdrawals. Good luck to you on your detox, be strong.