Nov 17

medical marijuana grow! Blue Dream Harvest

bluerdream.blogspot.com working day 54 of flower.

24 comments on “medical marijuana grow! Blue Dream Harvest

  1. crazymanjonchin on said:

    come move up to Seattle bro
    everyone fiends for the blue dreams up here

  2. westfourtwenty on said:

    Tell ‘em, bro!

  3. jason luu on said:

    Why he won’t show his face ?

  4. westfourtwenty on said:

    Yeah, 8-10 weeks for Blue Dream.

  5. chronicclothes on said:

    If you smoke weed, check out my clothing brand dedicated for the stoners. facebook(dot)com/kranaklothes. We just getting started and building a fanbase so give it a like if you dig it!! thanks! stay lifted;)

  6. A lot of us smoke to deal with pain, anxiety, and depression. The alternative med would be anti-depressants that fuck up your sex drive, no thanks.

  7. andrew bates on said:

    why are you replying to me when i posted 3moths ago???

  8. gattalack82 on said:

    u are also insane.

  9. gattalack82 on said:

    ur insane

  10. Preddymee on said:

    I want dat

  11. westfourtwenty on said:

    lol word

  12. sidmute00 on said:

    Tiniest harvest ever! Congrats!

  13. sidmute00 on said:

    Doing research never hurts…unless the person doing the research is stupid…

  14. oilhashglasssucksass on said:

    there are 2 different cuts of blue dream incase you dont know. and obviously you dont lol

  15. westfourtwenty on said:

    The only way to grow is your own way with trial and error. Fuck what people say. Go by your own experience! There will always be people giving theor two cents but there is a lot of preference when it comes to doing things.

  16. lilmuff69 on said:

    you fancy your self some kind of whoreterculterist?

  17. CapsRule1 on said:

    Why do you have to trim the leaves?

  18. dondamon356 on said:

    i hate all this hating and argumets on weed videos , weed is supposes to be happy and peaceful

  19. shastayaga on said:

    way to early, your fan leaves should be falling off and somewhat yellow
    yours are quite perky and green and resiny still sir.

  20. zachanon on said:

    grumpy as hell, man. arent stoners supposed to be chill?

  21. SinOfDisaster on said:

    blue dream takes 10 to 13 weeks to flower your way early at 54 days

  22. rhynowarrior23 on said:

    I got fat ass colas hanging lol thas coo though hahahahaha

  23. 101589420 on said:

    Pretty cool man. Me and my brother justed smoked smoked some blue dream dat shit some some DANK come check my shit!!!

  24. MrComby on said:

    u should leave 9 weeks…u would have 20g more…im sure