Mar 11

Medical Marijuana for Kids

Mom suggests drug will help twelve-yr-old son cope with severe OCD.
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25 comments on “Medical Marijuana for Kids

  1. coolbeansmuchacha on said:



  2. BeatboX4Life15 on said:

    lol thats what u think when in reality they were having more fun then you

  3. semisweetsiggy on said:

    your a fucking idiot no ones died and its good

  4. hayeloma100 on said:

    you are actually retarded.

  5. roodawgy1 on said:

    That Griffin kid? Come on. 12 year olds can’t focus in class period. Doesn’t mean that they have ADHD’

  6. subtledawn on said:

    people should consider poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, or food allergies before accepting any diagnosis of a mental disorder. proper diet and eliminating allergens can often cure the symptoms that mimic mental disorder, or at the very least improve the disorder and make it less severe. Stop letting your kids drink pop, eat white flour, refined sugar, etc…not to mention corn, and dairy. Try some fruits and veggies, and some organic meat.

  7. Liam Hubbard on said:

    pepole dont die from pot retard

  8. spicymeatsandwich on said:

    People die from marijuana every day. I know many people from school who were bright young happy people whose lives became shitty and boring and worthless when they began smoking pot every day.

  9. TheROXZzz on said:

    I live in Holland and i can get it at the nearest station

  10. DuncansInfo on said:

    I smoke marijuana without a license because i’m on the east coast. :/ But I smoke marijuana for my I.B.S which is like crohns disease. I use it for ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

  11. Jerry Alexander on said:

    Marijuana is not a “Drug” it is an Herb.Our low class Gov calls it a drug.Nobody has ever died from this Herb.This Herb cures Cancer in many cases,and offers many benefits to cancer patience,and those that suffer from other medical problems.Which would you prefer? The Pharma,FDA,Doctor connection,aka (Triangle of Death),or,an Herb that has been proven time,and time again that is works,and is %100 safe no side effects,no deaths,no lingering problems as one would have using Big Pharma concoctions.

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  13. Yam Baram on said:

    Find out* education system*

  14. Yam Baram on said:

    Guys, with a little bit of research, you’ll all did out how drugs can be a wonder-treatment, and that the reason it’s illegal these days is because the medicine companies don’t want it to! It’ll kill their business, and they, or the government, will do anything to resist it, just like it’s happening in our college/uni education today

  15. OfficialDunez on said:

    hugh na dughh na

  16. vectrumDZN on said:

    and they still say weed is bad… Its natural and if people wonna get stoned … just let them get stoned….

  17. Cust0mBuilder on said:

    agreed, Ritalin is an awful drug, MUCH worse than pot. It can become addictive and has some very bad side affects, also you can overdose on Ritalin and kill. You cant OD on pot, and its pretty unlikely that you can become addicted. There’s minimal withdrawal affects.

  18. Ayla Madison on said:

    Just say no to every other drug because it’s damaging even some prescription drugs that are supposed to help because they can be more damaging than weed. Aderall and ridalin have horrible side affects.

  19. Ayla Madison on said:

    He seems autistic

  20. eduardo cervantes on said:


  21. Daniel Smith on said:

    Lol that dude that said “the medical marihuana might just be kinda sedating them” looked like a big fat ugly Std infested PUSSY lmao,

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  23. mrfantastic king on said:

    5:30 marijuana causes depression and anxiety you say? an educated person would do research and find that this miracle plant actually treats those problems. look more into the writings of lester grinspoon, he actually makes sense.

  24. jazminestryder on said:

    Marijuana kinda slows your brains cells down… :-/ I really think that the only reason anyone should smoke something like that is for severe conditions like this little boy.

  25. dk4everX on said:

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