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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries VS “The Streets”?

Issue by Brian: Healthcare Marijuana Dispensaries VS “The Streets”?
Besides currently being authorized, what are the differences among getting marijuana in a dispensary as oppose to on the streets? If I went into a Municipal Marijuana Dispensary, what would I find? Selection? Greater costs? Quantity? Good quality? Or is their no difference? Is their a genuine benefit from making use of a cannabis card? If so, what?
Two More Queries:
1. Substancial price tag big difference?
2. What can make it “less strong?”

Best solution:

Reply by sunshine1961
Other than getting legal so you don’t face feasible arrest, there is actually no edge. The healthcare marijuana is significantly less effective. The costs would certainly be much better when buying it authorized because becoming unlawful is what can make the price so substantial to start off with.

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4 comments on “Medical Marijuana Dispensaries VS “The Streets”?

  1. Alastair H on said:

    If you can get a trustworthy dealer, who you know well and are on good terms with, streets is the way to go.

    Medical marijuana is nowhere near as potent as some of the stuff on the streets.

    In the streets, it all comes down to the dealer, though the prices will prbably be lower i general than prescripton gained

  2. Bill Gates on said:

    i dont know what some of these people are saying but, off the street is MUCH better.

    i live in toronto and a Gram is $ 10 where as with a canibus card it’s closer to $ 15.

    The medical strain is much weaker but does come in cool things. You can buy cookies, brownies, patches, cakes, etc…

    Make sure you get a good dealer, and if you get a really good dealer you can pick up like 28 grams for about $ 180 for good stuff.


  3. urdi_15 on said:

    i dont see how these people can even say that madical marijuana is less potent. most of the time the people that grow medical mary jane are people that have grown for years and just decided to go legit. there is no difference in the potency and plus, the dispensaries want you to keep coming back so u know that shits gonna be good. as for the prices i dont even know what the kind buying shit for 180 is talking about. he gotta be buying fuckin schwag or middies. really good shit like og kush, sensi star and grand daddy purp are gonna cost u and where from 320 to 400 depending on where you are (per ounce). dispensaries usually sell everything for 300 an ounce and the product never changes like the shit u get from dealers.

  4. Most street marijuana is of unnamed strains. The advantage to dispensaries is that you can buy the type that best suits your condition. Some strains are better for pain, some better for other ailments. At a dispensary, you can expect the same quality with each purchase, something not guarateed when buying off the street. The folks who run the dispensaries know their product and can make recommendations from among the many varieties they carry. The quality is consistant, and you can be assured that there has been nothing added to or contaminating your weed. Perhaps the biggest benefit to a card is the fact that it makes possession legal and thus prevents local or state prosecution.