Jan 27

Medical Marijuana Debate Kentucky Law

From the WLEX Information seven/5/2012, manifeste discussion in excess of a proposed Healthcare Cannabis regulation in Kentucky, with Gatewood Galbraith, MS, PTSD. Several Sclerosis, Article Traumatic Tension Disorder
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My Weblog. kentanakalovesyou.blogspot.com In this online video, I was just hoping to have lunch at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) but I discovered that the regional KFC had been turned into a legal medical cannabis dispensary known as (Sort For Cures). I observed that the smoke coming out of this KFC failed to odor quite chickeny, so I experienced to go to yet another spot for lunch.

25 comments on “Medical Marijuana Debate Kentucky Law

  1. ilov3hotsaucexxx on said:

    i was thinking the same thing!!!!! Ken Tanaka should get royalties for that.

  2. Tobiasthejuggler on said:

    wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. Tobiasthejuggler on said:

    classic stuff. Your videos always leave me with a smile.

  4. ExploringBeyond on said:

    Is this where southpark got the idea for that KFC/MJ episode?

  5. megamarsvin on said:

    “You can hardly taste the THC” I lol’d xD

  6. Kurtiz76 on said:


  7. vilijemk on said:

    funny :)

  8. ljosck88 on said:


  9. PigstarX3 on said:

    OMG Its that one episode of South Park!!!! :O

  10. LetsPlayDrunkToday on said:

    he was adopted when he was a kid he was brought up in japan english is his second language

  11. xJiizzz on said:

    Yeah, that would been alot a money!

  12. SlugDropsonheads on said:

    Also in America laws were completely the opposite until senators and presidents (i’d rather not start the looooong list) began a “war” against it to make themselves look better. When Americans first colonized the “new world” farmers were told to grow hemp as it had many uses. George Washington himself had fields of Marijuana and also has many interesting quotes “Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.”

  13. link40k on said:


  14. Hong Zhu on said:

    i know you are you said you are but what am i

  15. haze204 on said:

    can u smoke weed in Kentucky??? like im dead ass can u

  16. pecfree on said:

    what a dick head this guy, fuck of from the japanese red neck town you came from

  17. Westley Ortiz on said:

    I LOVE WEED! :)

  18. xenarth on said:

    he grew up in japan, which is why he have their accent…

  19. spritsengiggle on said:

    Hahahahaa! :D

  20. AeonRequiem on said:

    Why does he speak like that? If you’re gonna talk in English, speak it right… Stop adding the japanese accent..

  21. chidoriookami on said:

    IN AND OUT!! You really were in kariforunia in this vid ^_^

  22. chidoriookami on said:

    japanese accent :D lol

  23. sasukeichigo12 on said:

    the reason in-n-out has a long line is because its frickin delicious xD and if its anywhere near the medicinal fried chicken place thats where they go to get food.

  24. roark420 on said:


  25. m301943 on said:

    Fuakin saiko! LOL!@