Jul 13

Medical Marijuana Activist Mark Tucci Details Vermont’s Legalization Process

When in Vermont the http://motorhomediaries.com fellas stopped by the property of their good friend Mark Tucci, a health-related marijuana activist, patient and creator (http:…
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  1. jonny rotten

    Excellent mr.tucci. May i add that for MANY moons vt’ers have grown cannabis here and no it wasnt sanctioned by the man. Sick people need help and fortunatley for them cannabis can help. Irregardless of legislation or threats, this plant will live on and provide for those who can appreciate what it does for them whatever there case or condition may be. Let’s keep greed and manipulation of the process away from our state(if possible) and learn from mistakes being made out west at the moment even

  2. GrowTheCure

    I live in Franklin county and I’m looking to provide for registered card holder as a caregiver. :) 

  3. PetersJunta

     how bout providing someone in vermont who isn’t a registered patient? :P haha jk.

  4. PetersJunta

    i live like half hour from there, i would love that :D 

  5. fiddlehead hogan

    how can I find an opthamologist in VT that doesnt hang up on me when I inquiror about the medical weed I already have used for the last 25 yrs for my glaucoma? I would like a card.

  6. MrSaunaGrow

    Agree with you brother … i would certainly love to open a dispensary in lovely Woodstock vermont…. Vote up if you like the idea.

  7. Murray Senecal

    hey i live in winhall funny

  8. Regical1

    weird i live in manchester vermont.

  9. vtprisonco

    VT allows 2 mature plants, 7 immature plants and up to 2 oz of usable medicine. I am looking to provide for a registered patient in Vermont.

  10. skinnychef

    yay! another great story guys!!!

  11. Gary Blackman

    Keep working on it Mark!!

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