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Medical Marijuana 411 Emily Sander – Lymphoma Cancer Survivor – Medical Marijuana Treatment

Health care Cannabis 411 (www.medicalmarijuana411.com) interview with Emily Sander, pupil and lymphoma most cancers survivor talks about how she utilized health care cannabis as a beneficial part of her treatment method. At present, lymphoma free, Emily talks about the positive aspects of health care cannabis as part of her remedy routine. A non drug user all of her daily life, Emily turned to the medicinal use of marijuana to counter the side results of her chemotherapy. Transcript follows I am Emily Sander and Im a university student of Cal State Extended Seaside. And I grew up in Northern California and came down here for university. I obtained identified with lymphoma non-Hodgkins lymphoma in July it was genuinely out of the blue. I obtained it from a virus there is nothing at all I could have done to avert it. Ive always been truly healthful. Hardly at any time even get even Tylenol. Im just not a medication particular person, and poof now I have to take tons and tons of medicine for every very small point. It was this kind of a massive adjust in my existence. Even although the most cancers is currently gone and very good in that part of it and I have to consider tons of medicines nevertheless have to complete out chemo, which is not a stroll in the park worse than the most cancers was. My close friends even my dad and mom pals suggested I search in to medical marijuana as a replace for some of the medications I was getting, and specifically to get my hunger back. Which was one of the worse signs for me was my appetite was completely gone and even when I sensed like ingesting I had mouth sores from the chemo
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  1. forkedroad

    She’s cute

  2. Vlad Ivanovici

    Your sarcasm is so confusing.

  3. mistermay1

    So she admits it. She’s a criminal. She deserves to be behind bars.

  4. jacinda121

    im also a lymphoma survivor and it had helped so much

  5. zzsharka

    So do you smoke medical Marijuana or take it differently ? If it’s smoked I can’t see how this improves ones health and helps with cancer, I’m asuming it’s taken another way ? (if for medical purposes and the person is health consiois) but not sure, guess I’ll google it. 

  6. streetbmx408

    Amber rose

  7. NorCalMediGrower

    Wow this is amazing!

  8. jasonism123

    The cure that the government deprives us.

  9. dubified89

    ‘Hemp’ oil IS THE CURE

  10. Adro407

    hemp oil is the cure


    Umm maybe because she has to keep the cancer from coming back.. That happens. Dipshit.

  12. smokestorm88

    whos cares bitch,she had cancer

  13. doyle30

    so your an M.D.?

  14. Adro407

    why do you need to finish kemo and take medication..medication for what?? i promise stop taking there fucking murder pills

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