Jul 19

Medical Benefits & Effects of Cannabis -CRTV

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10 comments on “Medical Benefits & Effects of Cannabis -CRTV

  1. iloveweed420kg on said:

    Also if ur sick n u have ur nose running it helps :)

  2. iloveweed420kg on said:

    Love this vid

  3. 707c80 on said:

    very truthful and inspiring video man good job!

  4. CannabisReviewTV on said:

    See man.. this is why i want to get involved in the Industry.. Cannabis is Such a HEALING herb, thanks or sharing your story.. I’m sure Many others feel the same. Cheers Man!
    Peace. V

  5. TheUsedLabel on said:

    I really connected with this video when you mentioned the “Shattering of Paradigms.” My “Box” was really due to things I believed in for no solid reason other than upbringing. I use cannabis to treat manic depression and it really brought out a lot of repressed feelings I had from childhood and let me analyze it all. I can see how that might be scary but I was forever changed in a positive way.

  6. isofaster on said:

    to continue to suppress the facts is counterproductive ,to many people have suffered and died , the science has been done , the studies have been done , the results are in , we know HOW it kills cancer cells through targeted programed cell death , production of cerimide in abnormal cells while healthy cells are unaffected , suppressing tumor growth by not allowing new blood vessels to grow while it kills the existing cells , and the side effects are a good nights sleep .

  7. CannabisReviewTV on said:

    Man, I feel like it would have been “smoother” if I hadn’t had made the sheet of notes.. I just didn’t want to leave anything out.. idk, lol “Smooth” enough :P

  8. CannabisReviewTV on said:

    It really does/ can though with Very concentrated doses of concentrates or Edibles.. its rather hard to accomplish such task with the smoking method, i like to call it Vitiaman Cannabis lol.. But yah,, for face.. neck, Liver and Lung.. i’d have to do further research to confirm any other areas of the body being ridded of Cancer via Cannabis. Cheers !!!

  9. eriknoworries on said:

    I do medical and clinical research and although the medical benefits of cannabis are numerous and obvious, general statements like “it cures cancer” should perhaps not be made since it reduces the trustworthiness of the other information you are providing. Besides that, great video. As usual :) Peace!

  10. coolguy14470 on said:

    very informal good job