Nov 06

Mary n’ Jane instructional medical marijuana indoor cultivation DVD trailer

http://www.youtube.com/consumer/GrowScene In this tutorial healthcare cannabis indoor cultivation DVD Mary and Jane bare all on the latest indoor cultivation …

Understand How To Develop Marijuana with Weed legend Jorge Cervantes [DVD 2]
Video Score: four / five

50 comments on “Mary n’ Jane instructional medical marijuana indoor cultivation DVD trailer

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  2. Bill Bryant on said:

    Hey, stop being jealous and disrespectful. It reeks of immaturity… But I got to admit, it was bad to see the plants getting fallen into – yet another way not to treat ladies.
    Ps I’ve never been jealous of a porky pig before, there’s a first time for everything…

  3. lbcfosho562 on said:


  4. Yrausquin on said:

    and mocking jorge cervantes why dont you see yourself in a mirror first

  5. bayspaulwall on said:

    couldnt they have gotten better lookin eye candy.. these bitches are ugly and fat

  6. Yrausquin on said:

    no ofense,grow is about getting dirty with the soil,back pain,move stuffs,battle nature (outdoors) this two bimbos,one of them throw herself into the plants killing some for sure,is ok for the video but i dont see this two growing 5 months straight,rather than killing more plants on purpose on camera,sorry my english im from South America,by the way i will like this two in the cauca region growing outdoors when the guerrilla shows up,just kiding

  7. Mr420ways on said:

    dude they realy do grow all that herb..read skunk mag the issu wih these girls in it..they say right out sex sells..and people tend to pay closer attention to half nekid girls…watch the actual video

  8. belovebenatural on said:

    Unless you’re Jorge Cevantes or you were there during production..i don’t think you can say that this was a personal attack. Looks like it was all in good fun to me…unlike you, I’m sure Mr. Cervantes has a sense of humor

  9. belovebenatural on said:

    I’m pretty sure if they didnt want to make any money off this brilliant dvd they would’ve shown you exactly how to grow step by step on you tube, but since they are, thats why you get a preview dumbass! From personal experience I bought one of the first dvds and can proudly say that I have some beautiful buds…can’t wait til its time to harvest. Definitely worth the $25 that I would’ve spent on on a weak ass 1/8th at the club.

  10. stopfascisminAmerica on said:

    wow these two are stupid bitches, in 2 minutes u have shown u know nothing about growing cannabis, VEGGING FOR 24 HOURS IS BETTER THAN VEGGING FOR 18 HOURS i hope no one wastes their money on this crap

  11. getgoings on said:

    @cantgetno or should I say cant get none! Maybe that iswhy you are so bitter. Go light a bowl andlearn how to spell ganja!

  12. joblack420 on said:

    very pretty and funny !
    nice work !

  13. MrCantgetno on said:

    stupid bitches, crackin on the king of gonga, Have respect, exspecially the ones that took there time money, & experience. And wrote a great book THE GROW BIBLE. If you have spent time reading this book, Instead of a fuckin mirrors, You would have known; We don’t need your stuid pot porn.Even your week ass plants look better than you two.

  14. joblack420 on said:

    hot chicks and killer weed what else would you want ?

  15. Indigozek on said:

    Thats because we like weed and tits.

  16. Indigozek on said:

    Lmao at the pig eating the weed

  17. getgoings on said:

    it isnt a bash towards Jorge Cervantes. It really is giving him props. With out him then this video would not even be possible! SNL is famous for their parodys of celebrates. I think that is what this video is doing. Mr. Cervantes should take it as a complement like the celebritys do when SNL poke fun at them. Honestly, weed n hot chicks? why would you not want to watch this. who knows…maybe even learn something!

  18. rochelle101n on said:

    not good yo…every1 who grows it that i know say its tha last time they will

  19. xialong123 on said:

    dude i want you to look me in the eye and tell me you dont want to see a bunch of hot chick and cannabis plants in the same place. oh well i dont ive a shit about what the videos about all i know is theres a bunch of beautiful cannabis plants and a bunch of beautful women. thats all i wanted to see.

  20. xialong123 on said:

    damn dude i was just in a trance watching this shit and woke up with a chill down my spine this shits so beautiful lol. who evers grow this is a million thumbs up to you my friends you did a FANTASTIC job!

  21. David Dao on said:

    lol sorry for the spelling cant u tell im stoned

    thumbs up the the jorge lookalike hahaa

  22. 045cg43hd518 on said:

    I woulda fell in love but the bash on Jorge Cervantes wasnt called for. These girls can go fuck themselves (yes Id watch) But no big deal just little weed sluts. Yikes that wasnt called for, then again was the fake bash on Jorge.

  23. IllusionOfSoCal on said:

    wow. wtf. she just fell on the plants
    bitch should be slapped.
    annoying cunts lol

  24. flippedoverturtle on said:

    wow…people will buy anything with weed and tits.

  25. rochelle101n on said:

    the idiots that are bitching bout the girls not knowing how to grow?? of couse not . they are the eye candy YOU need so you dumbasses will pay attention to the GOLD you are being givin. .. Although i would would slap my girl if she stumbled in my shit . fer real

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  28. Lanny Ross on said:

    Anybody else notice he says “Measure” kind of funny at 46:30 quite a few times?

  29. Cody lee on said:

    “Ah Awwww she loves this stuff” lol

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    Thanks Cop.

  34. Gus Chambers on said:

    Lol I love this guy. He is la fucking man

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  36. Kyle Phillipy on said:

    Jorge is my grow guide, he know everything about everything involved with growing

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    This guy. Is. Awesome

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    Fukin stoner this is my plant

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    what sort of fan is that in the background at 38:20 , looking for one just like it

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    i love this guy

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