Aug 11

Marijuana – The true facts being kept secret

Cannabis is not currently being legalized simply because hemp has so many makes use of! If it was legalized the pharmaceutical organizations would loses billions of dollars. It is all a…
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25 comments on “Marijuana – The true facts being kept secret

  1. Phuk Hoffman on said:

    Ignorance is a choice

  2. Cirez Tauatevalu on said:

    420….. Yeeeah

  3. Liam Dahler on said:

    shhh, its a secret says congress

  4. Marcio Alemão on said:

    for gods sake Mr Dashawn, give it to her, thats the cure.

  5. Marcio Alemão on said:

    we need to stop the greed!! we are going to kill ourselves! This is just an example out of 1000′s, Revolution goes throuh internet, please see more at: facebook.com/pages/Referendo-JA-Brasil

  6. Marcio Alemão on said:

    the Revolucion goes through the internet, Virtual Democracy is the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. boogily moogily on said:

    Why is this shut illegal and tobacco isn’t???? The fuck????

  8. boogily moogily on said:

    @Bannana Peel Fuck ya my Niggs

  9. pmartin1901 on said:

    Hahahaha all you guys sound like a bunch off hippies

  10. allornothing0110 on said:

    Givernment keeps us from exploring our own life.they keep us from cannabis.they keep us skeptical about god when they admit he exists but theyd rather worship lucifer for power and control.. we are kept slaves in our brains… ARE YOU AFRAID OF WHAT YOUR FRIENDS MIGHT SAY IF THEY KNEW YOU BELIEVE IN GOD ABOVE?. THEY REALIZE BEFORE THEY CRITICIZE …GOD IS THE ONLY WAY TO LOVE. CHILDREN OF THIS EARTH ARE TIRED OF ALL THE REALIZEHATE IN THEIR HEARTS ..OF BEING PUSHED AROUND AND TOLD JUST WHAT TO D

  11. Dashawn Willey on said:

    my aunt has skin cancer only if she knew

  12. MW3B0Y5 on said:

    There are carcinogens. But not nearly as many as tobacco + is you use a vapeourizer. There is non

  13. TheMocBrosVideos on said:

    I heard the smoke contains most of the carcinogens that are found in to tobacco smoke…true or false? Does marijuana smoke really contain these chemicals?

  14. Bannana Peel on said:

    Everyone commenting on this shit, needs to stop talking and start doing.
    The Revolution needs to begin!

  15. nolaaa85 on said:

    dunno how he got it mate,guess that shit just happens… well he has beaten that shit for now anyway…we stoked for him..

  16. TheMovieMaker4 on said:

    if weed would realy be that harmful like the government says why arent there millions of people dieing every year?

  17. SaMmeyAddictedGamer on said:

    went people think Im crazy for saying such things I recommend this specific video to justify why I say those things

  18. Darion Greenwood on said:

    I couldn’t word it better. Exactly what you just said, Is the 1 thing i just want to announce to the world.

  19. SvddenDeth on said:

    how did he get the cancer

  20. nolaaa85 on said:

    My friend has just been diagnosed wit stage 4 lymphatic cancer..I will be talking to the doctor now..I’ll make the oil myself if the doctor is a cock n he will be. Makes me doo mad.. Share this video ppl… Kony styles…..

  21. Michael Bruno on said:


  22. PinkPlayGirlBunny17 on said:


  23. Meagan Francis on said:

    weed should only be used for those that need the medical attention. if kids do it it just makes their town look bad with all these drugged up people.

  24. Epicmug on said:

    wow marijuana does not increase braincells by “smoked” any day bro basicly #facts

  25. grimREAPER1822 on said:

    See this is true hypocrite motherfuckers