Jun 19

Legalize Marijuana: Medical Association in California

Legalize Marijuana: Medical Association in California

The California Medical Association (CMA) has arrive out in favor of legalizing marijuana in the condition so that a lot more investigation can be carried out to decide if powerful …

25 comments on “Legalize Marijuana: Medical Association in California

  1. daquickscopa39 on said:

    do you want to live in square house with no windows and be wrapped in bubble wrap for the rest of your life? eating food that tastes like shit but with just the right amount of nutrition to keep you alive while everything else is illegal?

  2. nana koju on said:



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  3. George Wash on said:

    Legalize California 2014 “the560k” Join the movement

  4. Serria Yisasia on said:

    I’ll talk to people who are currently not stoned right now and want to have a pleasant conversation and debate and want to speak with me like a civilized person and not a child

  5. Michael Beck on said:

    The government needs to regulate their Bullshit.

  6. Dawn Smith on said:

    i smoke weed and i have a hard time abusing this stuff because it tends to make me hungry, happy, sleepy, and the sativa high ususally makes me want to read about urban sociology or watch documentaries. i think its an enlightening drug (unless you’re just plan stupid). alcohol is supposed to be for “fun” look at all the duis, tramatized kids growing up with alcoholic, abusive parents, etc. but i guess im just a stupid pothead with two degrees, on the deans list 4 times, & had a full scholarship

  7. Dawn Smith on said:

    its just a plant that makes people hungry, happy, and sleepy. of all drugs, people high on pot are the most tolerable. nvr seen a youtube video of two stoners getting into a stupid brawl unlike the legal alcohol. not to mention the number of dui deaths, and the cancer from tobacco, which is legal. the only reason weed, and other psychedelics are illegal is b/c these drugs change perceptions & consciousness about society. they don’t dumb you down, n fact they seem to make people more aware

  8. Arbi McMac on said:

    Tobacco: Cancer
    Alcohol: Alcohol Poisoning
    Marijuana: Some respitory problems (if smoked)

  9. gothicme on said:

    She would get itttt.

  10. thechuchas420 on said:

    Because kids will just get deeper into drugs because they will think it’s kool

  11. GanjaBrainOfficial on said:

    Why can’t marijuana be for fun??? Alcohol is sold solely for that purpose. Why not marijuana?

  12. eve bud on said:

    We carry many strains of premium cannabis marijuana plants female CLONE-ONLY, for all the world to SMOKE!

  13. bad4ever2001 on said:

    As opposed to people being arrested for possession when it is illegal? Your statement seems narrow. Care to elaborate?

  14. lord SG on said:



  15. jayk10304 on said:

    Please Sign This Petition On Legalizing Marijuana In Nyc. I Beg You, Please Just Thumbs This Up So Others Can See It & Sign It, Its Online & Its Not illegal.
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  16. thechuchas420 on said:

    Marijuana isnt to have fun… It’s use for medicine … But stupid ass people abuse it

  17. thechuchas420 on said:

    Don’t legalize it!!!!! If they legalize it they will start charging taxes when u buy it… If u guys wanna have marijuana then get your recommendation papers like everyone els….DONT LEGALIZE IT… fuck Ron paul ….

  18. Trevor Yerman on said:

    YES legalize it, ignorance will not prevail!

  19. idicula1979 on said:

    Legalize it !! Now that you know my position I would like to say the money that will be saved by doing so is on the penal side, I do think you will have people buying it in stores, but since it can be grown by anybody in their own gardens,I think that is what most peolpe will resort to.

  20. djcougar5 on said:


  21. Thomas Bailey on said:


  22. Cody Buffum on said:

    We need to get shit done in america. Stand up for what you believe in. Legalize weed.

  23. brownsidersleepyx3 on said:

    damn dat dude gotta lotta make up on ..more then dah lady they prolly tried to tan him LOL

  24. bigyymajesticyy on said:

    should i take my ADHD medicine and be suicidal and hostile towards while it fucks with my head or ingest a cannabis snack to help me function through the day 

  25. Ivan iVAN on said:

    Cannabis does have compounds to alleviate pain, so do T3′s, yet they are not available to the public without a prescription. By your logic, you are suggesting that Cannabis be legalized because of a benefit it has. Marijuana is available with a prescription. Marijuana is classified as a hallucinogen and does cause harm to other (2nd hand). Also alcohol is something completely different. Its like saying Apples are better than Bananas. What is the standard you are using to compare them?