Feb 27

Legalization of Marijuana?

Ought to we legalize marijuana? I believe indeed. There are, to my expertise, no scientific evidence of any health pitfalls to our overall health by cigarette smoking weed. Infact, it really has positive aspects to our wellness these kinds of as comforting ache (healthcare cannabis), rising our motor expertise and senses, as with other individuals. In the meantime, Cigarettes and Liquor, the two leading killers in the nation, are perfectly legal and inspired and nourished. However they have harmful chemical substances like rat poison injected into them. Not to point out most cancers! So why isn’t really it Marijuana legal? It truly is a big trouble. We believe it would produce a lot more criminals and trigger tons of problems. Really the reverse I consider. The a lot more unavailable one thing is to you, the a lot more you want it. There just isn’t any use for drug cartels and drug gangs if it’s entirely lawful. Legalizing Cannabis would reduce the demand for it, and possibly reduced criminal offense prices (I feel in one particular region they legalzed cannabis and crime rates went down by five% more than ten many years). Overall….just legalize the damn issue. It truly is creating a lot more problems becoming illegal then it would be if it were authorized. I can only see vibrant factors to appear if it was legalized, so why are you so in opposition to it? It truly is time for change, commence with trusting us. The reason it really is unlawful now is since people consider it for granted and act silly. So absolutely everyone, smarten up. Total position….never act silly with your weed and you may not have to conceal it any more. Act like a little one and the authorities will consider absent your toy automobile. EDIT

9 comments on “Legalization of Marijuana?

  1. TheGanjaClub on said:

    Everyone knows that trafficking MARIJUANA IS PROHIBITED. And where laws, permits TRAFFICKING MARIJUANA, and why it does not legalize, as alcohol and tobacco? I DO NOT KNOW WHOM ADDRESSED THIS QUESTION? WHY DO PEASANTS OF THE EARTH, NOT can grow marijuana, and take HARVEST STATES, thus improving their social position and billions INCOME IN STATE PENALTY. WHY DOES THIS MAFIA? WHY SO PROFITABLE BUSINESS NOT monopolized by the state? Who Benefits?

  2. TheGanjaClub on said:

    And why people who want to buy cannabis MUST intercourse with a mafia, thereby putting themselves at risk and are wary of police persecution? Is it not better if they ACQUIRE Cannabis special place by the State. Where are DIRTY MONEY? Why ordinary people can not engaged in this business, plant seeds, watered, grow, harvest, delivered to the state and thereby earn a living CLEAN MONEY.

  3. quicknuss on said:

    corporations cannot profit from a plant anybody can grow at home, so they made it illegal using our congress against us.

  4. JohnnyLaw215 on said:

    Realize that was a load of bollocks though!!

    Senator Fat-Fuck-From-Fallafelville: How we gon get rid of these negros and this demon weed at the same time??

    Silent person behind the curtain: Listen dumbasses, you will DO THIS: Make speculation become reality and spread the propaganda headline “Black men raping white women in the south after SMOKING DOPE!” and follow that up with a line like “…and the poor white women cannot resist the lure of the evil black man while intoxicated on the drug.”

  5. Sharlena Logsdon on said:

    i think it should be legalized it has medical purpose it DOES help with back pain! until they legalize it they will get it in other means no one has ever and i mean NO ONE has died from pot!

  6. djgregnight on said:

    all this time, all these arrest, all this BS because some fools was worried about someone black sleeping with someone who looked white…ridiculous!!! it’s 2012, time to legalize it. it’s NormL

  7. djgregnight on said:

    until we discuss the drug act in 1938, it wont be legalized. Of course neither of us was there, but the main concern on the senate floor was “the black men in the south are raping our white women when they smoke this”. Also a story that ran in the major newspprs in 1938 was how “white women are unable to resist the lure of the black male while under the influence of this drug”. That got it to be added to the bill. They were on some BS! that is the convo that will lead to legalization. Smoke ON

  8. mrfridaynight330 on said:

    exactly thousands of people die from cigarettes and alcohol but they arent illegal that makes no sense

  9. 0SuperTacoMan0 on said:

    The only reason the Government won’t legalize it because if it were to be legal the product of Hemp would be used for so many other things such as medicine, paper, and plenty of other things that cannot be patent which means they cannot make money from it. If the Government won’t make money from it, why would they legalize it?