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Knee has been hurting for a few weeks, do I qualify for medical marijuana in CA?

Issue by Verden: Knee has been hurting for a couple of months, do I qualify for health care marijuana in CA?
As the title states.

I didn’t injure it, it’s just been sore for virtually a thirty day period now. The previous doctor I noticed mentioned it would go absent in a week, that was three months in the past.

Am I competent to apply for a medical marijuana license? If so, how do I go about performing it?
Haha, gee thanks

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Reply by Pangolin
From what I listen to, pretty significantly everybody in CA qualifies for “health-related” cannabis, despite the fact that yours may possibly be the lamest purpose at any time. Great luck with that.

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  1. sal1970

    nice try but a month doesn’t qualify as chronic pain. have you tried
    anti-inflammatory drugs such as relafen, lodine, celebrex, etc.
    did the MD order an x-ray or MRI? what is the diagnosis? what
    type of treatment you receive depends on what’s wrong.

  2. Jamie [[ROLL TIDE!!!]]

    LOL….I doubt it.

    But hey, it never hurts to try, does it? Ha.

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