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Is there an age limit to buying synthetic cannabis?

Question by Adriel: Is there an age limit to purchasing synthetic cannabis?
A.K.A. Spice or K2. I dwell in California and i am extremely curious if there is a age regulation for the synthetic cannabis marketed as “incense”. So , any assist would be appreciated.

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Reply by Professor
The regulations regarding artificial cannabis are constantly in flux these times as governments, equally local and federal, scramble to stamp out this most recent kind of intoxication. What may be legal right now could be illegal tomorrow. I would advise to phone on the mobile phone and simple inquire the clerk there if they have an age restriction for buying it. I will caution you, even though the outcomes of these chemical compounds are similar to marijuana they are extremely strong and can cause periods of excessive disorientation and confusion.
Until you get employed to it and know what to count on I would propose not carrying out even though driving, not undertaking it in public like an out of doors concert or carrying out it by yourself.
see this movie: http://www.youtube.com/look at?v=0yIeYb9hw30

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