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Is medical marijuana legally accessible in Nebraska?

Query by Faster Than the Devil: Is medical cannabis legally accessible in Nebraska?
I stay in Nebraska and my girlfriend’s father promises to use health-related cannabis. He has numerous sclerosis. I am specific that there is no way to Lawfully get pot in Nebraska. Can any individual confirm this without having question. A supply would be appreciated.

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Answer by TEC
No you can’t

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2 comments on “Is medical marijuana legally accessible in Nebraska?

  1. Anthony on said:

    Currently medicinal marijuana is only legal (on a state level) in California, Washington, Washington D.C., Maine, Vermont, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska, and Montana. It will be voted for in Arkansas and Massachusetts this November. It is not legal in Maryland, but you can use it as an affirmative action in your case. Nebraska is not included in these states, so it is a complete prohibition state. although I think it should be legalized, you ought to not let anyone know about your girlfriend’s father. I think it will be legalized within the next 5-10 years however.

  2. Martin on said:

    For your information, In all there are 16 states, where medical marijuana is legal. California was the first state to be legalized for medical marijuana in the year 1996. And then in 1998 Alaska, Oregon, Washington. Later medical marijuana was legalized in other states i.e Arizona(2010), Colorado(2000), DC(2010), Delaware(2011), Hawaii(2000), Maine(1999), Michigan(2008), Montana(2004), Nevada(2000), New Jersey(2010), New Mexico(2007), Rhode Island(2006) and Vermont(2004).

    And 17 States with Pending Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana:
    (as of Feb. 13, 2012)
    1. Alabama
    2. Idaho
    3. Illinois
    4. Indiana
    5. Iowa
    6. Kansas
    7. Maryland
    8. Massachusetts
    9. Mississippi
    10. Missouri
    11. New Hampshire
    12. New York
    13. Ohio
    14. Oklahoma
    15. Pennsylvania
    16. West Virginia
    17. Wisconsin

    Thus the above list suggest us that Nebraska don’t even qualify in Pending Legislation to Legalize Medical Marijuana.