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Is Marijuana really that bad for you?

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by sdobie

Question by Amazing: Is Marijuana genuinely that undesirable for you?
I know its a drug and things, But its lawful for health care causes. I am 17 a long time aged and i live in California my buddies do weed all the time and they say absolutely nothing is undesirable about it and they dont power me to do it but i want to do it honestly… Ought to i do it. I notice they sense very good immediately after a few hours and nothing at all negative has ever transpired to any of them. I truly want to do it. Can you notify me the side effects if there are any and the great issues about it. thx :)

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Response by JD
It is like drinking booze, the thing is the outcomes aren’t far too apparent, you know alcoholic beverages underage drinking can completely stunt mind progress?

Very same is with weed, you could not recognize the damages, but it really is not like you happen to be looking inside your very own physique, it nevertheless does harm, it is unlawful for a purpose yeah?

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8 comments on “Is Marijuana really that bad for you?

  1. youngman eeksdeeks on said:

    avoid that stuff – it can grown mushrooms out from your nose

  2. It does have bad implications for your health if over used. But is less damaging than alcohol.

  3. in california it is really common for teenagers to experiment with weed
    in my opinion it is not as bad as other artificially produced drugs like e or cocaine
    but there are side effects like brain damage? and lung damage if your smoking a blunt or something
    personally i tried it once and never went back because i can’t stand the smell
    you could become a habit, its expensive and makes you mental slower
    it makes you relaxed and will relieve pain tho

  4. If you have schizophrenic tendencies, there is a risk it will enhance them, or bring them out. Otherwise it is comparatively safe compared to the vast majority of drugs.
    If you drink alcohol, then you can use that as a comparison – it causes thousands more health problems and too a worse degree, so if you feel comfortable drinking, the health risks of marijuana are negligible.
    The only problems you really need to consider are the social ones – paying for it, and the attitude you take on when you are high, you may find yourself lazy and unproductive.
    Marijuana is not physically addictive.

    At the end of the day it is up to you, but I suggest you don’t worry about the health risks, there are virtually none.

  5. Who knows what the answer is anymore….

    Still, playing with your brain… not a good idea. It effects the nervous system, etc.

    I know there’s something wrong with it… Never had a good feeling about it ever. I did it a few times…. Felt like I lost myself the next day.

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing it.

    Your brain is precious… It’s a window in your own perception… if that perception is messed, you’ve lost a part of yourself.

  6. Leanne on said:

    The good things about it are that it makes you feel relaxed, laid back, and heightens your pleasure senses such as listening to music. In the early stages of taking it, it makes you laugh your head off at everything and doing it with a group of other people experiencing the same state can be good fun. At the end you get a carbohydrate withdrawal so crave food to replace the carbs (like toast, breakfast cereal, biscuits etc) which taste exceptionally good because of the heightened senses. 17 year olds are not aware of any lasting effects or damage so will advocate that it is harmless.

    However, harm is being done. Over time, it affects the development of the amygdala, a part of the brain that governs willpower, responsibility, determination, goal setting, maturity, drive, and empathy. During teenage years, this part of the brain is developing to complete the maturation process. Without it, teenagers start to lose interest in their school or college studies or previous hobbies and interests, their relationships with family, freinds and boyfreinds/girlfirends can suffer adn their lives slowly shrink. Lethargy sets instead. Within a few years all the opportunities that could have been taken up to study, get qualificiations and start a good life can be rejected in favour of just smoking weed and having no life. What initially caused the feegood factor and made you feel carefree and high now slowly starts to cause depression, paranoia and anxiety. The ‘munchies’ stop, and you slowly lose appetite, gradually starting to lose a lot of weight. Spinal fluid decreases, causing painful backache. Previously undetected propensity to mental illness can trigger schizophrenia, psychosis and other mental illness, while memory can be permanently depleted. You find you can’t sleep at night without it, and your life descends into chaos and muddle as you forget things.

    All of this can take several years to happen. By the time you realise it really does affect you, the damage can be permanent and it can be very hard, psychologically, to come off it. Mental illness can be triggered at any time, even with just a few drags on your first joint, nobody knows which one of them had dormant mental illness lying there waiting to be triggered into psychosis by smoking weed.

    I’ve seen first hand many teenage lives completely wrecked by weed. It takes time, thats all, and its far easier to turn away from something that you have never tried than to do it later on after its wrecked your mind. Why destroy your brain before you’ve even found out what its capable of.

  7. Charles B on said:

    I really hope it isn’t. I started toking when I was in my mid 20s in the 1960s.I’ve been smoking Marijuana for around 50 years. I do a have a lot of unpopular ideas, and I’ve been called crazy, insane, nuts and ignorant. I have been able to make a good living at a job where a lot of lives depended on my decisions. I raised 4 girls as a single dad. I have retired and still have the unpopular ideas. I still cycle close to 100 miles a week. I’m still sexually active. I just quit motor racing a few years ago, because I couldn’t afford it. I’m in pretty good shape and seem to be fairly active mentally. I do sincerely hope marijuana isn’t bad for me. I’m anti war, for equalization of the wealth, health care for all, women’s rights, pro choice, and for full employment. I know this will be proof that the pot screwed up my brain, but I think the lack of it screwed theirs worse!!!

    Legalize recreational drugs!!! Please!!!

  8. Meltin on said:

    Bro, when I was your age I left school and all my mates because I was brought up to be ‘better than that’ and as they all asked me if I wanted to try it (without pressuring me) I felt awkward .
    Later in life I started having questions about life, purpose and all sorts of things. I found the deeper I dug the more and more I kept coming across certain topics. Though as I didn’t believe weed to be good I kept putting off my research into it.
    Eventually I opened my mind and decided that I’d give “drugs” a chance as almost everything else establishments teach us isn’t for our own personal benefit, but the benefit of someone else (or corporations)
    So I set out and rented some dvds
    The Union and Super High Me

    I watched Super High Me first because it was meant to be a rip off of Super Size Me and was meant to be funny, however the facts in it just blew me away. After watching that I put in The Union, well to this day that film is soooooo full of facts and knowledge that continue to blow me away, I’m just amazed at how this isn’t compulsory viewing in High Schools. It’s like we’re taught the complete opposite of the truth in schools and because of the name ‘weed’ well it’s not like a ‘weed’ is inviting as ‘candy’ or ‘donuts’ therefore there’s a whole stigmata attached to it from the name alone. Then when you add the ‘lazy stoner’ stigmata to the whole ‘weed is bad’ then you can see how quickly people jump to conclusions.
    Also seeing Marc emery speal so open and honestly about weed and psychedelics, not hiding anything at all, not only did that make me say WOW, this guys high as hell and still functioning better than most people, but the honesty of how open he was really made me respect the hell outta him.
    Then when you see celebrities that were also brainwashed until they tried it an learnt otherwise for themselves, you quickly learn it’s not what we’re taught in schools to believe. I’m actually amazed at how many movies and tv shows I watched before ever smoking weed that actually used weed in the movie or show and I just wasn’t aware it was there. Watching those programs and videos these days, I always ask myself how the hell I ever missed it when I wasn’t a stoner.
    So at 21 years old I decided I’d try it, but I almost said no again, even after all I knew about it, purely because my ‘insticts of being brought up to be better than it kicked in’. To this day that night is one of the fondest memories I have. :)
    If you’re going to try it make sure you allow a minimum of two hours, but as it’s your first time you might want to allow 8 hours for it to be fully out of your system. Perhaps sleeping over a mates house will be the way to go? I wish that’s what I’d done and chances are I’d still be in touch with all my highschool mates.

    As for side effects, well the *only thing is taking smoke into your lungs and losing your short term memory, but who really needs a short term memory anyway right, long term ones are the keepers ;)
    If you want to avoid smoke you can bake the weed into brownies or other edibles or use a vapouriser (turns it into a healthy steam). I personally find vapourising awesome. As for the short term memory loss, it’s really only lost while you’re ‘high’ and it varies greatly from person to person. Some people claim it affects their short term memory even when not high, but I actually found it made me more aware (when I wasn’t high) of ‘where I’d left keys or sunglasses’ as oppossed to not being high before I’d ever used pot and frantically searching for them.
    Look into the cannabinoid system in the human body, babies are born with one and the weed fits perfectly into this sytem. Look at all the health benefits people have from weed (a lot of this can be learnt watching The Union).
    Also some people are more tolerant due to second hand smoke, so because you’re around your mates when they smoke (guessing) then you might not get high the first few times, but guaranteed once you get high, you’ll continue to get high every time you medicate with weed.
    I’m 24yo in another few months and have decided that I’m already making a tv show, album, movie, animated series and a website on marijuana to help teach people the truth through different mediums.

    I’ve written all this to try and show you that potheads aren’t all lazy good for nothing stoners. There’s a whole bunch of people doing all kinds of good in this world that are MAJOR Potheads ;)
    Hope this answer helps you in some way, BUT REMEMBER, whatever you decide, it’s your decision mate!
    Also there’s a new comedy TV show just come out that I think is based in Cali called Good Vibes. I find it hilarious and I imagine you will too, plus it relates to the question ;)
    Good luck with whatever you decide mate, wish you all the best!