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Is it possible to get a medical marijuana card in pennsylvania?

Question by Dylan B: Is it possible to get a health care marijuana card in pennsylvania?
I have temporomandibular joint problem which brings about me to have serious pain, earaches, head aches, and nausea. Practically nothing has been doing work for me to consider treatment of these indicators so i was asking yourself if there is anyway feasible to get a health care marijuana card in the state of pennsylvania. I know it is illegal listed here, but is it achievable for me to receive a single from a diverse condition with no me obtaining to reside there?

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Solution by Zach
No. Even if you could get a card from an additional condition, Pennsylvania has no obligation to grant that ask for. Possession of marijuana will nonetheless be unlawful and you will be held to the same normal of regulation as an individual with out a card.

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