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im planning on moving to colorado and need some advice?

Issue by Steve: im preparing on relocating to colorado and require some guidance?
i presently live in boston and would like to relocate to colorado i prepare on marketing my automobile worth amongst 10-13k and my job can transfer me but it doesnt pay out much i need to stick with the organization for a handful of several years then sooner or later drive and make a lot more you have to perform your way up so im performing the crap now…so anyways ill atleast have that and my strategy is to probably get into the cannabis organization what im questioning about is how do i get into getting to be a caregiver or operating in a despensary or maybe even rising for one particular? also it would be idle to uncover a roommate out there so hire isnt wild for me…are their websites apart from craigslist to find that? also i know areas like fort collins banned medicinal marijuana as seen on the television show american weed….what places have healthcare cannabis and affordable dwelling i was hoping to pay in between five hundred-700 a month but if i could get a roommate then i could get a spot 800 or much more. any suggestions is useful thanks
yes i know alot about health care cannabis moantain im conscious its unlawful underneath federal legislation it is everywhere in the globe but guess what its nonetheless risen i presently have all the programs for growing it i just need to have to discover the locations that will allow me because fort collins doesnt permit dispensaries anymore does that signifies no much more increasing possibly? thats the variety of details i was searching for…and indeed without end blue i know ive grown in ma last year i went m.i.a for a few months i guess my program is just become a member at a dispensary and just inquire for a job and try that for a handful of of them and for joizey is it possible to get close to by transportation or is it easier to just get a automobile? sick have ample saved but if i could wander or talk a bus id significantly much more perfer that

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Reply by MountainMan
Although health care marijuana dispensaries exist in Colorado, growing operations are nevertheless illegal under federal legislation. Breckenridge and Frisco function dispensaries, but low-expense residing would be in locations this kind of as Kremmling, Alma, and Fairplay. You much better make confident that you have adequate drinking water sources and rights as well as a greenhouse or other composition just before beginning a expand operation.

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  1. ♰ℑⅇs∪s sαѵҽs♰ on said:

    They do exist, but they are still technically illegal. It’s not something you’re going to want to make very public. I used to live in Colorado and did sell weed, but not professionally. It wasn’t that bad, but then I moved to New York. It was very very strict here. So I’m just saying Colorado is more flexible, but not completely safe. You’re going to want to look around, ask around. It’s not something there’s ads for in the paper. To get into it you have to do some work.

  2. xjoizey on said:

    You are going to need a car when you get to Denver. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado have to grow 70% of their product. They are always looking for trimmers. There are hundreds of dispensaries in Metro Denver.