Nov 18

I’m a California Medical Marijuana Patient

I'm a California Medical Marijuana Patient

Cali prop 215. twitter.com/bloodtypethcpos
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  1. ctwatcher

    Voting to re-legalize in CO in Nov. Don’t know if it will pass but looks like like feds are shutting down many in CA. Here in CO where I live, citizens petitioned them out of city limits but can’t touch the 2 outside of limits. Or would have to drive hours just to get medicine. People shouldn’t be telling others how to medicate ever.

  2. stonedguy850

    @foshow38 $100

  3. foshow38

    How much did all of that cost you?

  4. stonedguy850

    For real for real man.

  5. nustinjichols

    damn bro i need to live in cali

  6. stonedguy850

    Yes Sir it was. LoL

  7. andrewp369

    loool it must have been the most relaxed 3 days of your life

  8. stonedguy850

    It ended up being 3 days O.o

  9. stonedguy850

    Probably 2 weeks if im smoking by myself. 

  10. stonedguy850

    LoL no doubt.

  11. andrewp369

    how long will all that last you?

  12. kiefdreams

    twoseven hahaha yeah man with that crazy ass squirrel, been watching him for a few months he’s always got dank

  13. stonedguy850

    I hear ya on that man. Lauderdale has some fire indoor down there. Look this dude up on YT, 27 boy. He’s a bud and youll see what I mean. Thanks for stopping by…strain reviews are definitely in the mixx but I have to smoke them all first lol.

  14. kiefdreams

    damn, strains look good man. I use to live in ft lauderdale and I’m probably moving back there soon to go to college….im just waiting on the old folks to die off so we get medical buds over in fl haha looking forward to strain reviews from ya in the future! stay high

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