Sep 09

If someone blows marijuana smoke in a cats face; what kind of effects can it have on the cat? Seriously….?

Issue by Keeks: If somebody blows marijuana smoke in a cats deal with what sort of effects can it have on the cat? Significantly….?

I did not do this! One particular of my friends had a person at her house that did it to her cat and I attempted to inform them that it could damage her cat and neither would pay attention.
Thanks for all significant responses.

Ideal answer:

Remedy by Mandie
If its a youthful cat, it can trigger mind hurt and developmental concerns.

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14 comments on “If someone blows marijuana smoke in a cats face; what kind of effects can it have on the cat? Seriously….?

  1. RodentLuver on said:

    Don’t tell me that happened to your cat…

  2. HannahSimon on said:

    It’s very harmful to their lungs. It’s been shown that cats that live with smokers die younger of cancer.

  3. didooindahouse on said:


    It can seriously harm the cat. Their bodies are smaller then ours and cannot take that much intake of THC, the effects can be drowsiness, passing out, coma, brain damage or even death.

    Do not attempt to do it what-so-ever, please if you know of someone who does that contact your local animal rights. It is inhumane, shame on whovere does such a thing.

  4. your cat would get addicted to it

  5. Leopardclaw on said:

    Dont do it! it may cause brain damage and it might make it hard for them to breath- your cat could DIE if you do that!! Tell me u diddnt do THAT!!!! besides why would u have maijuana in the first place!

    cat expert

  6. Well, it can really freak them out, sometimes they get
    completely paranoid and may not come out of it completely, ever. Some experiments also proved that when the pot smoke is blown onto a nursing kitten the mother is likely to
    refuse to care for that kitten.
    It’s really kind of abusive, don’t you think?

  7. The Expert on said:

    The cat will feel pretty groovy for a while, and then it will get the munchies. So when you go to the convenience store to buy doritos at 3 a.m. you should remember to pick up some cat food too.

  8. hyper100percent on said:

    report them to the police and take that poor cat away

  9. Years ago we had a cat called Doobie (I know…) and my flatmate blew smoke in its face and ears. It seemed happy enough, went outside and played happily in the hedge for a while (we came out and watched – cheap entertainment!) then it had a huge feed and went to sleep. She seemed fine. They get wasted on their own ‘dope’, catnip anyway.

  10. don’t do it. the cat does not have a choice in the matter. would you like it if someone blew smoke in your face and you didn’t want them to. besides that’s what catnip is for

  11. dim2000_uk on said:

    what does it do…

    it makes you pick up the cat, remove it from where it is, and take it somewhere safe where it will be loved, cared for and cherished…

    If you lose a few freinds along the way…. I would swear at my opinion of them but it would be edited…

    In answer to your question.. it can have devestating effects on the cat, and if you have any sense and compassion, it has just ruined your freindship…

    please look after this animal…. people like that should not have pets…

  12. Any kind of smoke can damage an animals lungs and shorten its life.A dog I have now was exposed to cigarette and meth smoke and she has horrible problems breathing, she weezes and snores really loud and pants heavier than most dogs.( all that happened before I found her)

  13. I’ve seen someone do it to a rabbit before. It ate a lot and then went to sleep.

  14. dearly23 on said: