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I need a good topic about medical marijuana for my Research paper?

Question by Mansfields Greatest: I need a good topic about medical marijuana for my Research paper?
we must come up with three topics about our research but i need to know wat would be best to talk about on medical marijuana.

Pls and thank you
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throw in pros and cons

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Answer by Seidhr of Orlog
The best things you can talk about are cancer because that is something that is not only proven, but has video evidence.
Another good one is people in pain, show heart breaking stories of people who are in chronic severe pain and were about to die because of their medication until they found marijuana as an alternative.
Stories of children with autism who were about to die on conventional treatment until they found marijuana as an alternative.
Discuss the vast amount of highly credible researchers and their veiws of marijuana.
Talk about how all the official studies done on driving and marijuana show that marijuana is not anywhere near the risk factor alcohol is and in a lot of cases made the driver safer than a sober driver.
Discuss the success of China and how they have been using marijuana as medicine and documenting it for almost 5,000 years.
Discuss the strain White Widow and what all of it’s medical uses are that are proven effective so far.
Discuss the difference between THC and CBD and how tests suggesting that Marijuana causes psychosis were done with THC only and used no CBD at all. Other tests, knowing that marijuana is an antipsychotic and that sudden complete discontinuation of an antipsychotic causes symptoms of psychosis, had people use marijuana for long periods of time and then completely suddenly stopped their consumptioin of it and then tested them for symptoms of psychosis.
These all seem like good points to me
See my facebook page for more details, links, resources, names, pictures, graphs, videos and arguments.

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