Feb 20

How to Get Stoned and See into the Future! – Paranoid Marijuana Video Diary #13

Main function of this video clip is to give a sense of group and route for these who encounter intensive, often troubling, yet at any time-fascinating psychotomimetc results from cannabis. I didn’t get to commit as significantly time as I would like below discussing coping mechanisms and how to productively channel and “Un-dread” these special encounters. If you want to discover a lot more about constructively taking care of these outcomes and get pleasure from cannabis easily, check out out my e-book at www.paranoidhuman.com. Views expressed in these movie diaries are my own and do not essentially mirror these of MPMC Providers.

Interview with Dr.Lester Greenspoon Talk about laws and the psychotic affects of marijuana

Job interview with Dr. Greenspoon Chat about the results of marijuana on teens and psychotic results on the mind ie schizophrenia paranoia stress nervousness Cannabis and CBD could be a attainable therapeutic utility, good or bad relying on several factors Dr. Greenspoon describes far more pay attention in.

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    hey, sorry it’s taking me so long to get back to you– I may be able to help. Trust me, it’s definitely you at the end of it all, it’s always you. But Marijuana may offer a unique prism/amplifier in which to explore these vulnerabilities/gifts. Please email info(at)paranoidhuman(dot)com with history of drug use, age first began using marijuana, and what type of results or improvements you’d like to see. Thx.

  3. doublecrosserfm on said:

    I have issues with marijuana and psychosis. I have visual hallucinations without it, but I’ve has pretty intense ones when stoned. If you can help I’d love to discuss. Not sure whether this is mj or me.

  4. WeedParanoiaVideos on said:

    @Emma– sent you a message on your channel

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