Feb 26

How Marijuana Is Hurting Our Children

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BRKDWN - Medical Marijuana to treat Kids: I know my THC's

Mikayla Comstock is a 7 calendar year old female residing in Oregon who is going by means of chemotherapy. Her mom is providing her THC treatment options to ease her pain. Is this far better than classic medications? Subscribe! Even though protested by Mikayla’s Father and different physicians, Mikayla’s THC remedy is endorsed by her personal mom and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Is this safer than the a lot more widespread drugs given for paitients? Is it risk-free for children? Cynthia and Jon BRK it DWN. Resources: little bit.ly Video clip sources: Friday (motion picture) – Twinny twin twin – 20 twen twen – little bit.ly David Soon after Dentist – little bit.ly Katt Williams “It really is Just A Plant!” – little bit.ly Japanese McDonalds SpongeBob Comercial High definition – bit.ly Follow us on Twitter: @BRK_DWN Like us on Facebook: Fb.com/BRKDWN

15 comments on “How Marijuana Is Hurting Our Children

  1. X4hunterx4 on said:

    Good Video!

  2. rmysterio80 on said:

    Excellent video.

  3. George Jr. on said:

    Yes yes yes and fuck the murderous greedy lying government forever. Power to the people!!!!!!!

  4. thc = cure cancer

  5. Rong Bips on said:

    Yes, because cannabis cures cancer…

  6. jimmy robinson on said:

    No. ; )

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  8. KscopeNetwork on said:

    it was from Friday :)

  9. Mando8460 on said:

    I dont smoke weed but I say if it helps the sick and makes you happy then its cool with me :)

  10. F Burna on said:

    What’s up with dudes glasses??? Is he working @ a factory. Wtheck???

  11. JtheVGKing on said:

    the fear and loathing/david goes to the dentist part is the best

  12. Masii69 on said:

    what movie is that scene from at the beginning of the video? :o

  13. Brandon Krenzler on said:

    We as parents feel that using cannabis has been the best choice we could have made on behalf of Mykayla along her journey. Not only has Cannabis been proven to cause leukemic cell apoptosis, Mykayla only has to take 1 gram of Cannabis Oil daily to counteract the damaging effects and side effects of chemotherapy drugs.The logic is clear, one natural organic treatment or multiple pharmaceutical chemical based drugs for a child already going through so much? IS THERE ANYTHING TO DEBATE ANY LONGER?

  14. lmao..”medical weed users”

  15. Jas Maiiyne on said:

    Chemo kills MJ doesn’t