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how likely is it for a social worker to be drug tested?

Concern by joeylee0990: how likely is it for a cultural employee to be drug examined?
I’ll be graduating subsequent could and asking yourself how most likely it is that i will be drug tested when I enter my job.
I am not positive what discipline it will be but drug and liquor, and functioning with children are each off my checklist.
I are unable to find any info so I’m hoping somewhere below will know.
And please… if you you have no Actual understanding of the topic make sure you don’t comment, it is not my view that health-related marijuana is in any way a incorrect activity.
Oh, i will be living in Colorado- if that makes a distinction

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Answer by Sunshine
Im 99% sure you will be provided a drug test to response the headline concern…as for the rest of the query, Im sort of perplexed, you mention health-related cannabis, does that suggest you use it? Im not certain why you point out it..and if its for a medical function I would suppose that they would just take a appear at your card and perhaps inquire for your physicians referral.

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  1. marci knows best on said:

    Drug testing is very wide spread, especially in fields that work with children and rehab. If you are using marijuana for medicinal purposes, I would discuss this with potential employers.