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How does marijuana affect breast milk?

Concern by punkbug18: How does marijuana have an effect on breast milk?
I have only smoked once or twice, but I have a newborn now and this concern crossed my mind. With booze, considering that it’s saved in excess fat cells, “pumping and dumping” is ineffective and you ought to wait around at least two hours immediately after a glass of wine before breastfeeding. Out of curiosity, is it the exact same with marijuana or does it actually function if you pump and dump? And if you will not, how long ought to you wait before breastfeeding following smoking cigarettes?

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  1. ThinkingReal on said:

    once you decide to indulge in marijuana, it is best to stop nursing all together, it stays in your system, and your child will have THC, from the breast milk.. best to stop if you are going to..


  2. Jaces Mommy. ArmyWife<3 on said:

    there is a lot of research done on this and NOTHIN is actually PROVEN that anything bad can happen from it… no matter what anyone says…. but you should wait 2weeks thats how long it will stay in your breastmilk.

    oh and long term use will stay in your systrm longer. and ne more potent to the baby do if the decision is to smoke i would say every once on a while.

  3. Occasional use hasn’t been shown to cause any adverse effects, but as it’s stored in the fat cells, baby does get THC. Heavy use can alter brain growth of an infant. No long term studies have been done, but it’s generally believed that the lifestyle that goes along with using drugs is more harmful than the drug itself.

  4. I am Poppy: TTC #2 on said:

    I’d think you shouldn’t smoke it in the first place.

    “There are few published reports on the effects of marijuana on breastfed infants. Some studies suggest that one-time use of marijuana leaves only minute amounts of THC, the active component in marijuana. THC is fat-soluble, which means it builds up in the body with chronic use. After a breastfeeding mother uses marijuana, THC is evident in her baby’s urine and stools (Perez-Reyes and Wall, 1982).”


  5. Nurse JC on said:

    As for this mom wanting to use marijuana while breastfeeding, the only thing you can do is advise against it, telling her that the infant will be drug-screen positive if the pediatrician or an officer of the law decides to test it. She could possibly loose her infant to the authorities.

    But I do not believe that small amounts of marijauana in milk will necessarily harm a breastfeeding infant, its just that its against the law

    From: Dr. Hales Website and Medication and Mother’s Milk

  6. Well you are nursing because that is the most healthy for your baby right? So if something is jeopardizing your milk supply then formula is now the healthiest. Right?
    No judgment here.

  7. Dr. Tay on said:

    I would be more worried about drinking alcohol and breast feeding.
    Research has actually shown some similarities between the cannabinoids in marijuana and the makeup of breastmilk.
    I know someone that smoked cannabis while they were pregnant and while breast feeding. The kid is now 3 and is incredibly smart. Im not suggesting that people do this, im just letting you know I have not seen any ill effects from it.
    I would say smoke some herb every few days, just not everyday. And no cigarettes. ;)