Dec 09

How do you think marijuana can effect someone life?

how marijuana effects families
by dbking

Query by Julian L: How do you think marijuana can impact an individual life?
I am carrying out a essay on how individuals relate to marijuana can impact someones daily life and want allot of opotions. I experienced a good friend eliminate him self due to the fact of drug addiction and all so if you can relate or know any person that can relate to nearly anything like that would you remember to go away your opotions.
Thankyou and I apperiatce all your answers

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Response by big_negative_wolf3456
It helps make you all loopy and derrderrderr all the time and can make you do stupid shit. A kid in my class smoked so a lot, he could not be in typical courses and his buddy confident him to split into somebody’s home and he acquired in difficulties for it.

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8 comments on “How do you think marijuana can effect someone life?

  1. nvvcbbdffg on said:

    Marijuana isn’t necessarily a harmful drug, but it can affect things besides health. Like:

    -Your wallet
    -Your social life
    -Your relationships with your family
    -Your activites/work ethic

  2. marijuana kills your neurons. aka brain cells

    anyone that smokes it constantly is becomming more ‘n more stupid

  3. Rachell on said:

    my dads addicted to it and has been since i was born, he is very angry and moans all the time, he’s also VERY paranoid, he cant go a day without it , hes physically and mentally addictied

  4. I used to smoke it from the age of 12 to 19 everyday.It led to using other drugs to.I would say paranoia is a long term side affect.I am 25 now and wish i had never touched drugs.It feels like Ive been in a coma and have woken to a nightmare! it’s awful! Drugs ruin the users life and everyone who loves and cares about the user.

  5. cinnea on said:

    There are many people who don’t have any big, obvious problems from their day to day use of marijuana, which unfortunately leads them to believe it isn’t having an effect at all. However, using marijuana can have a lot of effects on a persons life. If can make a person slower to react, which can be harmful if combined with driving or caring for children. It can make you less likely to exercise and more likely to snack. You spend more time with other users and dealers and are exposed to cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs. It lowers inhibitions, making people more likely to have sex or do things others consider wrong. It costs money which often could and should be spent more wisely. It limits your job options because you can’t pass a drug screening. It puts you at risk of getting into legal trouble, from minor problems like a ticket for possession to larger problems like having your children put into foster care and having to prove that you are fit to care for them.

  6. barryjackbarry on said:

    Ive smoked socially for over thirty years,and even though I worked in the alcohol field for over twenty years, Itruely despise what and how it affect the mind and the body. Unfortunately, Ive contracted multiple myeloma, atype of bone cancer, and found that cannabis helped me to eliminate several different types of pills, thus saving the the insurance company several thousand dollars per quarter. If it were up to me booze would be illegal, and cannabis legal. These are my own opinions and don’t expect everyone to e xcept my thoughts . the best of life to you , jack sorry accept my thoughts

  7. REED - proud dad on said:

    Marijuana smoking over a long period does have different effects on you. You become more spaced out, sleepy and lethargic. It can trigger mental problems which you didn’t previously know about. You can’t actually get physically addicted to marijuana, but it can lead to harder drugs.

    I do have personal experience of addiction and how it affected me. When I was twelve I started smoking weed and cigarettes and by thirteen I was a chronic weed smoker. My Dad died at this age and my Mum started beating me. I started taking other drugs like ecstasy, magic mushrooms, cocaine and heroin. By the time I was fourteen I was a heroin addict and a heavy drinker/smoker. I changed completely – I was violent, untrustworthy and generally a horrible person. Drugs made me do things which I would never previously think of – mugging people, attacking people, robbing houses, lying to people and stealing off family. When I was on drugs I was out of control and when I wasn’t I couldn’t sit still or think straight until I got my next fix. I’d go behind anyones back and hurt anyone to get it, I wouldn’t stop at anything. I once turned a knife on my own girlfriend when I was desperate for a fix. I’d attempted suicide many times and ended up in hospital for different drug overdoses. I went to rehab twice and it failed. I hated myself because I couldn’t stop. I got arrested three times and had quite a criminal record by the time I was 18. When I finally gave up, it took many tries. I got so far and then gave in once and had to start from the beginning all over again. I became schizophrenic and depressed with PTSD. I was admitted into hospital and sedated because I was so violent. I had to go on medication and see counselors for years afterwards. I’m now twenty years old with three children and have been clean for two years, but I still have cravings and it’s still hard. I still have to take medication for schizophrenia which I never had before my drug abuse. I was a heroin addict for three years and it really did take away my life. There’s things I’ll never forget – I put someone in hospital because I was so desperate, robbed houses and ruined other people’s lives. I still have flashbacks and I’m still fighting every single day because my addiction never stops.

    That is how drugs affected my life. It all started with marijuana, and some hard times which caused it to develop into harder drugs. This is the case with so many other people, not just me. Even now – I’m not as healthy, clever or mentally healthy as I once was.

  8. Bluegray on said:

    Anything regarding drug addiction can bring no good to everyone. If already involved with this, seek immediately for a credible and reliable rehab center.