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Here’s Why People Get Bad Marijuana Trips

Neurosurgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta, whose new documentary “WEED” explores the outcomes of hashish on our bodies and the positive aspects of medical marijuana, points out wh…

November twenty, 2013 Q13 News http://MOXNews.com.
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32 comments on “Here’s Why People Get Bad Marijuana Trips

  1. DROPD5150 on said:

    all ya gotta do is SLOW YA ROLL!

  2. chronichronichronic on said:

    Everything is vibration. Cannabis is a gateway to dimensions of much higher
    vibrational frequency, so when you go there and experience those
    vibrations, all of the fears you push down in your day to day life are
    suddenly forced to the surface, so they can be of your service, not to fuel
    your negative beliefs.

  3. TheGolfer231 on said:

    I hope you arent a lawyer, because thats not proof of anything.

  4. TheGolfer231 on said:

    Proof meaning examples, but never mind I could care less.

  5. TheGolfer231 on said:

    What relevance does he have to this video and what proof do you have?

  6. TheGolfer231 on said:

    who are you talking about?

  7. Itsmeeman1 on said:

    “Bad Trips” are caused by the constant fear of armed Police breaking into
    your house and shooting you and your family just for you smoking a plant.

  8. crackerwv on said:

    So they are focusing on attacking a “drug” that has medicinal effects, you
    cannot overdose on and has never killed a person…EVER but they don’t
    mention and ADVERTISE for dangerous pharmaceuticals like fucking “FDA
    APPROVED” XANAX, PROZAC, ATOMOEXETINE and other “antidepressants” that
    cause suicidal thoughts? What about the fluoride, MSG, aspartame and the
    thousands of other poisons being put in our food that actually CAUSE
    DEATHS? Alcohol and tobacco? The MSM is SO obviously guarding those they

  9. tonymengela on said:

    If a kennedy does not want it legalized then you know he is afraid of
    losing profits

  10. Regardless of health concerns what gives the fed the right to make it
    illegal? I though democracy meant the majority decides? If 59% of the
    public say legalize it then how can a government of the people deny the
    majority opinion? Who and when did the people decide that the government
    should carry more power than the people it represents? Oh wait, that was
    Lincoln and the American Civil War that made tat statement………

  11. EgadsNo on said:

    What a joke our govt is. The DOJ makes about 50 billion a year exclusively
    for fighting the war, prisons and courts get another 50 billion. Rehabs
    and hospitals file for grants for treatment. They do not care that
    according to the DOJ NDIC 2011 report “The Economic Impact of Illicit Drug
    Use on American Society” the war on drugs costs this 193 billion per year.
    That is 526 million per day in payoffs and lost taxable wages because of
    incarceration- and the FBI says that marijuana accounts for ~49% of all
    drug crime- it is a lynch pin for their entire racket. Lets not even get
    into the fact that politicians who strike down marijuana reform are almost
    always funded by big pharm and/or alcohol.

  12. Grimvolf on said:


  13. Fraymond711 on said:

    “Smoke Two Joints”

    She was living in a single room w/ 3 other individuals, one of them was a
    male, and the other two, well hell the other two were females. God only
    knows what they were up to in there, and furthermore Susan I wouldn’t be
    the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked
    marijuana cigarettes….. reefers

    I smoke two joints in the morning
    I smoke two joint at night
    I smoke two joint in the afternoon
    It makes me feel all right

    I smoke two joints in time of peace
    And two in time of war
    I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints,
    And then I smoke two more

    Daddy he once told me,
    “Son, you be hard workin’ man”
    And momma she once told me,
    “Son, you do the best you can”
    Then one day I meet a man,
    He came to me and said,
    “Hard work good and hard work fine,
    but first take care of head”

    Whoa rock me to the night
    Ja say

  14. Roberto Smith on said:

    Mr. Kennedy should spend his time fighting cigarette companies and their
    deadly product. Last time I checked, millions died last year to cigarette
    smoking (worldwide), marijuana smoking deaths was…..zero.

  15. Kenneth Surgent on said:

    No listens to these clowns any more and Kennedy should be ashamed of
    himself, for licking Globalist butt hole.

  16. Shawn Jones on said:

    Whats the difference between a doctor and that kid who messes up my burger
    order at mcdonalds everytime? The McDonalds employee when to school for 13
    years, the doctor went for 20. The doctors (and lawyers and others) are
    criminals who have violated the American constitution and poisoned the
    people of America, all while working with the criminal govt. Its time
    these weak spindly noodles be put on notice.

  17. tonymengela on said:

    these are the same doctors that drink excessively, and prescribe thousands
    of drugs that kill people daily

  18. EgadsNo on said:

    Guys he is right, marijuana is harmfull. You can get a nasty cough,
    arrested and it is very expensive (because of its legal status)- lol all
    the literature. Aside from the fact that the majority of marijuana
    research that has not been torn to shreds by peers is favorable to
    marijuana use, the majority of all marijuana research ever performed on
    this planet was paid for by the US fed. Even if most of the research goes
    on in other countries- the govt cherry picks what data to look at.

  19. Huey Freeman on said:

    What medical records/historical statistics report that marijuana is
    harmful? Those which came out in 1935? Check real science, modern science
    and just check to see if you’re full of shit, Kennedy. Big Pharma would
    lose their asses in drugs that actually kill people, get people hooked on
    them that are somehow legal if marijuana became legal. It was business for
    major players to start prohibition, it is business for major players to
    keep prohibition going. 60% of America wants it legalized? Then legalize it
    if you are so supportive of your successful “democracy”.

  20. raul morales on said:


  21. resonant.interval on said:

    Oh – and fock ewe for your policy on medicinal plants in general.

  22. Sharon Day on said:

    These are the Doctors that are on the take from Big Pharma!!!..ingesting
    cannabis has removed 36 prescriptions in my adult family! Everything from
    3 diabetics, ( which all were on 8 pills!! one was given just 1 yr to live,
    thank goodness that is now off the table!) restless leg syndrome, 2 bowel
    disorders, high blood pressure, stomach ingestion and much more! Not to
    mention my husband and I both lost over 60 lbs each!!! Don’t listen to
    these doctors that care more about their money then they do your health..My
    75 yr old mother could not even remember for over 5 min they had her on 7
    pills/ I removed them after putting her on our canna caps today no meds
    just caps she is in perfect condition and she just got a new car!! Before
    she could not even drive because she could not find her way home!!! Her
    doctors test her every 3 months been 2 yrs now she remains in perfect
    condition…stay AWAY from Big Pharma!!!!

  23. Roger Springfield on said:

    Help them to quit? Why would they want to quit? My gosh, millions of
    people use pot every day. Other than people getting arrested for it, it
    there any harm? Seems like we would know this as millions have been doing
    it for years.

  24. hadibadashi on said:

    Do you think big pharma are worried about their profits ? you bet ya !

  25. Hilary Beal on said:

    Members of the same club?

  26. boristheblade25 on said:

    Because they make billions and billions of dollars of it making it illegal.
    Until big business can figure out a way to make money off of people smoking
    pot it will be legal

  27. gmalezdumb on said:

    This is a game of semantics.

    Right “smoking” marijuana is harmful. Smoking anything can be harmful. But
    there are many safe ways to consume this plant that give off no toxic nor
    carcinogenic side effects. Eat it, drink it, vaporize the liquid form, and

    Anyone who says its addictive is quoting a study done a very long time ago.
    And the study showed it had to be used in very high lvls for long periods
    of tine in ordse to becone addictive. Meaning its not real not addictive.
    Ppl who use it regularly just develope a habit of using it. But I have a
    habit of eating pizza to. I have a habit of watching football. And if I
    dont get pizza and football on sunday I get cranky. I guess im addicted.
    Where do I sign the petition to throw ppl who have habits of eating pizza
    and watching football for enjoyment in jail?

  28. bermudaguy1 on said:

    Really? Wow, I’d better tell my Shaman!

  29. slowmopoke on said:

    AMA is a racket

  30. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez on said:

    Doctors know alcohol is bad and causes so many health problems and death on
    the road.
    But yet it is legal and regulated.
    AMA has no foot to stand on.

  31. don cox on said:

    Pharma Companies Don’t want Pot on the market. It will take business away
    from them.

  32. IndiaSergeant on said:

    *Yawn* There are thousands of REAL doctors who know that marijuana is good
    for you. The Govt doesn’t like it because it makes brainwashing just a
    little more difficult. (sad face)