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drugs and the effect they have on unborn babies?

Concern by jennisea04: medication and the impact they have on unborn infants?
I know all about FAS, but I have try to discover a lot more about the use of medicines this sort of as weed, pills and other materials on unborn infants.
I attempt to look up research but all I can locate are factors relating to FAS or FASD.
Does any person knoe the consequences or know of a internet site I can get info at.
By the way no I am not expecting and I do not use medication. I have a buddy would is pregnant and won’t end the drug use and is 5 months expecting. I am nervous about the little one more than something. I am searching for informatino to display her or tell her to make her recognize what she is doing this unborn kid.

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Reply by Heaven L
To date they havent discovered any evidence that backlinks marijuana to start flaws or abnormalities in infants, it may possibly make a little one be born prematurely but nevertheless its not one hundred% conclusive. I assume its due to the fact of the lack of substances in weed, as opposed to cigarettes. Other medication can result in deformities particularly in early parts of being pregnant where vital organs and the brain are becoming formed. Your buddy should treatment enough about her physique and youngster not to do medications, if this is the circumstance and the baby is born healthful i would quickly report her to cps cuz clearly she is a stupid unfit mom.

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  1. I am so sorry that you have such an irresponsible friend who obviously doesn’t deserve to have this child since she is putting it at so much risk for such selfish reasons… maybe try public health in your area and see if they can provide you with more information?

    Good luck -