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Do you think smoking marijuana every evening for years will negatively affects ones life over time?

Query by Trista <3: Do you believe using tobacco cannabis each and every evening for a long time will negatively has an effect on ones life above time?

Are there any mental consequences, other than short-term memory decline, with recurring cannabis cigarette smoking above a number of a long time? And why would an individual choose to smoke every single single working day, with out the intention of at any time quitting? Is that a sign there’s a dilemma of some sort?

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15 comments on “Do you think smoking marijuana every evening for years will negatively affects ones life over time?

  1. WETWET on said:

    Yes!!! I think ity affects abiltiy to think and to focus on and thing … I think you need to stop….

  2. curiousgeorge on said:

    Unfortunately some of my friends have done it for a while and some I can see the effects going into place. Mostly the short term memory loss, but Ive noticed all of them think there isnt any problem to keep smokin every day. Maybe it kills brain cells… Im not sure. I think people choose to smoke every day because they think they cant become addicted.

  3. sha-wha? on said:

    you’ll ruin your relationships with everyone who matter

    & the only “friends” you will have are the people who do it with you – who don’t even really like you – they just like your weed.

    you should definitely consider going to a meeting – or rehab.

  4. Shrooms_son on said:

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to get addicted to marijuana there is no additives in natural pot that would make it addictive it is impossible. i talked to hundreds of doctors. and the negative affects on your body are its bad for your lungs and it slows the produceage of testoterone which screws up your sperm and there is a .000019% chance your baby will have some type of deformity if you are a guy and smoke weed everyday

  5. heck yes! you idiot! what’s the point of marijuna! it will hurt your life majorly!

  6. DQ to the rescue on said:

    Yes, I believe the everything we do in life has an equal effect for positive or negative. People that use drugs are generally escaping reality. The use of drugs (even legal drugs like alcohol and nicotine) is a selfish act. The abuser is seeking an altered state and reality. The impaired state is undesireable and negatively impacts things like: relationships, the ability to function in a family or socially, school, work, drive, to care for children.

  7. I know very few people who have smoked it for years and have become productive, professional adults. At 55, I’ve known people who have maintained the status quo since High School. Pot these days is much stronger than 30 years ago. I dabbled as a kid,but never enjoyed it.. I had too much fun playing sports and music and could not see lying around doing nothing but liistening to “tunes” and eating munchies.

  8. This is so friekin funny!! All these “Anti-Pot” people in here telling you how it’s gonna mess your brain up, and THEY can’t even spell or use proper vocabulary. Interesting….There is NO conclusive, scientific eveidence anywhere proving that marijuana hurts anything. Dont let a bunch of brainwashed idiots tell you smoking pot is gonna ruin your life, its a complete lie. Don’t get me wrong, anything out of moderation is not good, hell, you can drink too much water and die. If you are sitting around high all day and cant work, go to school, or otherwise function, thats a problem. If not, enjoy your nightly buzz and tell all these other idiots to, well, BUZZ OFF!!!

  9. Amelia W on said:

    It will damage your lungs so you will end up attached to an oxygen tank. It also kills off brain cells. You may end up with cancer. So yeah, it will negatively affect you.

  10. H2Opolochick on said:

    Gary has got it covered. The only issue that could arise is a smokers cough, like anyone who has smoked for years.

  11. 420smiles on said:

    Marijuana is natures safest and best medicine. There have been 0 reported deaths as a result of using marijuana. In California qualified patients can legally grow, carry and consume marijuana as their medicine. to learn more check out http://www.accsocal.com

  12. Mortimer Obituary on said:

    only if the cops catch you. other than that there are no negative effects on it whatsoever. it is one of the safest substances known to man. i wish i could smoke everyday, but i cant because i get random drug tests from my job. why would someone choose to do something enjoyable everyday? that doesnt harm them? who wouldnt? why do some people listen to music everyday that other people think is bad? why do some people not exercise everyday? why do some people eat unhealthy food everyday?

  13. Gary Mathers on said:

    The answer is YES there is a problem smoking every day. This is addiction, addiction to the high often used as an escape from some problem in their life.

    There are plenty of other effects along with the memory problems.

    These sites might help answer some:



  14. rskarma on said:

    I did some research awhile back and came up with these short and long term effects:

    Increased Alpha Electromagnetic Oscillations. AEO’s are accompanied by drowsiness, feelings of deep-relaxation, and the need to close ones eyes while staying in an idle state. This can be dangerous, because at the same time Alpha Waves are used to control the Visual and Motor Cortex; therefore disrupting attempts at effective sight and movement.

    Congestion of Conjuctival Blood Vessels. The Conjunctiva Membrane of the eye prevents the entrance of microorganisms into the eye, so it is also an important part of the immune system. Irritation of the Bulbar Conjunctiva can lead to scleral damage, increased allergic reactions, and conjunctivitis or “pinkeye”.

    Tachycardia and Dysrhythmia. A substantially increased heart rate during a period of rest can be extremely dangerous. It disrupts the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the hemoglobin of the blood. The Myocardium cannot relax between contractions, and blood is pumped much less efficiently. This can cause sudden heart attacks in those even slightly prone to pulmonary complications.

    Intra-Ocular Hypotension. A decrease in Intra-Ocular Pressure causes a very low level of Aqueous Humour, which is the main provider of Diopteric Power to the eye. Without sufficient Diopteric Power, it is difficult for the eye to accurately perceive distance. This is a dangerous condition when operating a motor vehicle.

    Ataxia and Impairment of Polysynaptic Reflexes. Polysynaptic Reflexes are the delivery of visual and muscular orders from the spinal cord. This is an obvious hazard when carrying out daily activities. Ataxia is the similar incoordination of muscle movements due to dysfunction of the nervous system, especially the Cerebellum. This situation is more common when an above average amount of Cannabis has been consumed in the form of direct inhalation.

    Cannabis Arteritis. Although relatively rare, Cannabis Arteritis is a Peripheral Vascular Disease that is mainly seen in younger smokers of Cannabis. If not treated immediately and correctly, it usually leads to amputation. All the recorded amputations from Cannabis Arteritis were in the lower extremities.

    Alzheimer’s Disease and Congophilic Angiopathy. You already know Alzheimer’s Disease, and Congophilic Angiopathy is when mutated Amyloid deposits are formed on the walls of the blood vessels within the Central Nervous System. This massively increases the chance of Hemorrhagic Stroke. The blockage of AChE enzymes and the constraint of Cholinesterase and Amyloid Betas can also lead to the development of Lewy Dementia and Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis (Progressive weakening of muscles in the arms and legs). Without the necessary amino acids within a Beta Amyloid, the body has trouble forming an Amyloid Precursor Protein; which is a certain type of Glycoprotein. Although APP’s function is still undetermined, the lack and/or mutation of APP has been proven to aid in the development of the aforementioned problems. These ailments have the chance to occur overtime when the body has consumed an inordinate concentration of THC; usually not found in the average sample of Cannabis.

    Decreased Gonadotropic Hormones. Cannabis has been shown to decrease the production of Follicle-Stimulation Hormone and Luteinizing Hormone, which is necessary for sexual reproduction. In males, Cannabis also lowers the production of Testosterone. In females, Cannabis disrupts the Ovulation Cycle.

    Cannabis also disrupts the Neonatal Development of Autonomic Stability/Reflexes and the Central Nervous System and increases cognitive deficits, hyperactivity, and impairment of social interactions within children whose mothers consumed Cannabis during pregnancy.

    •Cannabis users are 40% more prone to psychotic illness than non-users.
    •3 Joints a day does the same damage to the lungs as 20 or more cigarettes as day.
    •Cannabis contains enough Carcinogens to increase the chance of Lung Cancer among smokers 6x more than non-smokers.

  15. Richard D on said:

    Marijuana is not addictive but it is very habit-forming. You like to maintain a habit. Apparently some people are able to keep their act together in other areas, but daily smoking is going to mean you are influenced even when you are not smoking–groggy mostly. And you will smell of it. There is also the problem of procurement. Actually there are lots of pitfalls, but physical problems aren’t one of them–unless cancer.