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Do you think its stupid to ban Marijuana with it’s Med benefits & spend over a trillion $ on jail, enforcement?

Query by toonistcar90: Do you believe its stupid to ban Marijuana with it is Med advantages & spend in excess of a trillion $ on jail, enforcement?
I never use Marijuana. I have tried using it and I favored it & hated it, will not want the result.

I want what is finest for this place, and we have to take a more reasonable contstructive look at on concerns to get them correct. Examples: Large taxation is silly, counter successful, and harmful. High stages of Regulaiton supplying Govt way too a lot handle over about anything at all earlier the basic’s of Robbery, Fraud, and hurting others are silly as well, they just conclude up getting poor final results. Gun bans and weighty regulation from regulation abiding citizens are silly.

We know how Alchol prohibition labored out, Silly and Damaging, it gave Structured criminal offense a large revenue material, designed an oppressive regulation enforcement nightmare for the folks, and resulted in more Alcohol being used simply because the weighty income motive gave enthusiasm to encourage it really is use. The same is genuine right now of Cannabis.

Pot prohibition outcomes in much more use and high criminal offense, lot’s of folks getting up a lot of billions sitting in jail for a compound significantly less damaging than booze, and jail is destructive to the human soul turning out a substantial % of twisted morons that load and bain culture.

The exceptional all-natural pre synthesized Medicinal Properties are what got Pot banned in the first spot, by Drug Firms that cannot revenue from it & lose funds when men and women use that organic substance to their advantage.

It also produced pretext for a lot more governmental management, violent intrusive and highly objectionable unconstitutional manage in the name of controlling a material significantly less damaging than liquor. I feel we all comprehend how prohibition of Alcoholic beverages came out? It arrived out stupid and destructive, so it is with Pot.

The general expense is in the trillions, and untold expense to liberty and the benifit of leaving culture on your own to be liable for their possess options, not obtaining a nanny determine what they can and can’t do. That sort of governmental strength is often harmful towards the folks and benefits in federal government corruption and absuse.

Now, I stop the Democratic celebration since of the stupidity and Political rubbish games Progressive engage in, that are damaging to the Country. I never assist Gay Marriage due to the fact it truly is not what Relationship means and screwing with the language to attempt to obfuscate real indicating is just idiotic, although I do any type of Union, um … involving individuals, lol, that is just reasonable and equitable and we ought to always be that to the greatest extent we can.

Talking to Republicans largely … This ban on Cannabis issue is Stupid like most Progressive Coverage is Stupid. It is Destructive, it really is High-priced, and the result is Damaging to the best interests and freedoms of the people in the United states. There is nothing at all excellent about the ban on Pot until you are a specific desire like huge Pharma, or you earnings from the kick up in Oppressive Law Enforcement, which is harmful to our rights and Damned expensive, in no way good, but also at a time we cannot afford it. It’s also functioning to actually destroy Mexico, by providing the criminal Drug organization a monopoly in excess of a plant anyone could increase if it had been not unlawful. That has a direct influence on us in conditions of economic factors of may possibly sorts, and escalating criminal offense.

Pot legalization is a no brainer. I don’t feel we need to ban any drugs, but we need to genuinely drive schooling. Not demogogery, but education and learning into the outcomes of materials. We need to also have ZERO governmental involvement in drug related disability. If you demolish on your own and no 1 out there thinks shelling out in you is a excellent trigger, then you can just rot. That is how the planet works best to keep those organisms residing on it strong. It would also level out the negatives in substance abuse in a really noticeable way. I mean you don’t see numerous individuals jumping in the h2o at Gater farms, and if they do? Good ridence, they will not breed or hassle us additional with their stupidity, wonderful.

We also miss out on an financial boon which hemp fiber provides. I’m not so higher on taxation of vegetation, or their regulation simply because federal government regulation will come with truck masses of forking stupid and taxation can be utilized to contructively prohibit, it truly is just a undesirable electrical power to give govenment in common because they end up corrupting what they touch, but I guess prohibiting minors from employing is a great issue with Pot as it is with Liquor.

The Prohibition of Marijuana is just an all all around silly mess.

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Reply by Pervert with a falafel
Pot doesn’t kill people.

DEA kills individuals.

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5 comments on “Do you think its stupid to ban Marijuana with it’s Med benefits & spend over a trillion $ on jail, enforcement?

  1. Yep. It’s stupid to ban it. America needs the money.

  2. I agree, I think they should legalize it. Yes, it is a drug, and yes, people will get high. But it is very nonaddictive, it doesn’t harm your body like a smoke does, and a person driving while high is very different than someone driving while drunk. The problem with illegal marijuana is that harmless potheads fill up prisons and strain the police system, when police should be going after more important threats like pedophiles. That kind of strain on law enforcement is awful and it puts the people in danger. Yes, it should definitely be legalized.

  3. fenderbloke on said:

    I can think of literally no reason to ban marijuana.

  4. tblbaby on said:

    Very good information, and that’s one of the things that prompted me to Quit the Republican Party, though I still lean right to Libertarian.

    We have to stop allowing government to talk us into allowing them to do stupid damaging things, which increase their power. They say whatever they need to get us to give up our power to them, and it rarely works out well for the people.

  5. Something has to be done about the overcrowding in jails. I don’t know if I agree with all drugs being legal. Too many doctors are quick to prescribe addictive drugs and we are seeing more and more Oxycontin addicts in jail. Drugs,both legal and illegal are big business.