Jul 06

DEA Agent Won’t Say If Heroin Is Worse For Someone’s Health Than Marijuana

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  1. Julian Alavi

    Are illegal drugs are blah blah blah

  2. thenezz420

    So if the drug wasnt illegal it wont hurt me?lets take 20 excedrin and snort some zoloft for that matter then lol

  3. MrImNiko

    “isn’t he?” what?

  4. shermin2o9

    i know, isn’t he? lol

  5. SolarEXtract

    As of today, the U.S. government is still telling America that heroin is safer for humans than marijuana. The drug schedule is a joke. So is our government and the DEA.

  6. guy stevenson

    what a fuckin dumb hoe ahhaha

  7. chernobleman

    pentobarbital is legal, and it is the deadliest drug on the planet.

  8. willieXDrocks

    she doesn’t want to be honest about it, obviously not and rightfully so as someone that works for the DEA. the united states government makes a huge profit each year on sending pot smokers to jail. this is why the nypd run up on random people in the not so nice part of town and bust a lot of people for possession and they nypd are doing it illegally. there is no true freedom in this nation if a dea agent can’t sit in court and be honest, weed is not a drug

  9. justaguy888

    This woman is EVIL. Unfortunately my opinion my seem somewhat bias. I have been researching Cannabis for a number of years now. It turns out it is GOOD for you in every way shape and form. Eating Cannabis in it’s raw vegetative state heals many chronic illnesses and also prevents many terminal diseases. Smoking Cannabis is also good for you contrary to popular myth. Cannabis is a holistic way to help the body work with it’s own physiology that has nothing but POSITIVE benefits.

  10. Chris Pulyk

    That’s what I’m talking about son! ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

  11. Skorzeny64

    She got a big bonus for that performance no doubt??

  12. kly45

    drugs are bad mmkay

  13. EndoSmoke16

    Cannabis iz only bad when laced wit heroin

  14. Matt Nordick

    DEATHSQUAD!!! All day, everyday!!!

  15. JE Woo

    I was expecting her to say “All illegal drugs are bad m’kay”

  16. babysittertube

    cunt bag. read a book you cunt bag!!

  17. ruper31

    few people

  18. Ilkka Vuorinen

    Treenaa päivällä, Joe Rogan podcast yöllä! Koko päivä!

  19. Biffmalibunor

    Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night! All day!

  20. jarbusrambus120

    What a cunt!

  21. dannym1802

    oh my god this is pathetic. i cant believe what i just saw haha
    i love joe rogan

  22. Hemstock Films

    joe rogan sent me here

  23. LedHendrix408

    What a fucking liar. It’s so obvious she keeps repeating a line she rehearsed over and over again for this situation. The research has been available to the public since the invention of the internet. How long will it fucking take to legalize weed??? It’s virtually fucking harmless. The president of the United States gets on tv and jokes about smoking weed, over half the population wants it legal, it’s not a fucking joke. People’s lives are being ruined when they get caught with pot. Fuckin A…

  24. LedHendrix408

    Lol yep

  25. IfYouSeekCaveman

    Joe Rogan

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