Jan 22

Colorado medical marijuana patients smoking a bong bowl

We medicated even though conversing about a bunch of factors. We utilised a hemp wick to mild the bowl as an alternative of a lighter to keep away from the butane. I talked about some strain evaluations and we talked about the food we ate that night time. We experienced a very good time out on the town and tried using to explain it for you. When we had been carried out we utilized the vaporizer and produced one more video so appear back again before long to see that video. Thanks for watching Make sure you leave reviews. Never neglect to thumbs up, and preferred. We are both Medical Marijuana patients in the State of Colorado. Thank you for your compassion.
Movie Ranking: four / five

25 comments on “Colorado medical marijuana patients smoking a bong bowl

  1. Jake Lynch on said:

    hahah at the end it was just like fuck the organic lighter

  2. hey guys i think its great how open you are about smoking weed you are really setting an example also what is your favorite type of pot thanks

  3. D.j. Crane on said:

    Some big old cheeseburgers with bacon and bbq sauce cheese and leduce and tomatoes.. I had the sweet potato fries He had some little onion ring things HAHA fucking funniest thing I heard all day

  4. chuckchizzle on said:

    Medicate my ass. Yall just enjoy smoking Hemp

  5. YouUnderMyBed on said:

    What is their job?

  6. Jedhaase on said:

    huh..? im saying after i take 2 to 3 hits my shit will be ash.

  7. iloveskateboarding45 on said:

    literally no one can hate on this cause they hit the bong so fucking hard

  8. DatSm00th on said:

    2 - 3 hits? is that .7? if so that makes sense

  9. DatSm00th on said:

    omg that little bowl last you that long? i usually take the whole bowl in 1 hit!

  10. Aidan Witcher on said:

    I wish my bowls lasted that long hahah. :P

  11. stefan301193 on said:

    he’s fucking stoned

  12. Jedhaase on said:

    i know? after 2 – 3 hits my bowl is ash

  13. ethanol6969 on said:

    Keep it up boys y’all doing good

  14. Carlton Hackett on said:

    My favorite part is when he starts talking about the food! LOL

  15. robdyrdekluver on said:

    freakin Dan tries to ghost ride his smoke then looks like he’s taking a shit xD

  16. Alan Shteynberg on said:


  17. Billy HAZE on said:

    ahahahah big fat cheese burgers

  18. airgunhead on said:

    yo these fuckers are crazy…i like them lmao

  19. mjphoto45 on said:


  20. brandonemir62 on said:

    these guys faces piss me off

  21. ser710 on said:

    lmao at 2:30… where is the lighter?

  22. Truetone30 on said:

    why would 27 ppl thumbs this down?

  23. Benny Davidashvilly on said:


  24. zajabys yra on said:


  25. agiuggio1 on said:

    hash on top