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Jan 22

Ice Cube Says Don’t Pack a Bowl at the Super Bowl Because…

TMZrecently caught up with Ice Cube who had some words of wisdom for all of your budding Super Bowl stoners. Though the Seahawks and Broncos hail from the only two states that have legalized recreational marijuana, and the actual game is being held in the recently m… High Times

Jan 18

The HIGH TIMES Kitchen: Smoked Mac n Cheese

Today in the HIGH TIMES Kitchen, we’re making Ganja Granny’s Smoked Mac ‘N’ Cheese. Take the time to slow down, and remember that making the best kind of mac ‘n’ cheese requires real cheese – at least two kinds – plus a laye… High Times

Jan 14

Ohio Pot Legalization Effort Shifts from Recreational to Medical

Longtime marijuana law reform advocate Ohio Representative Bob Hagan (D-Youngstown) said last week he does not intend to revamp arecreational pot legalization resolutionfor a possible ballot measure in November 2014. Rep Hagan’s original proposal was sid… High Times

Jan 10

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Created bycannabis Cup award-winningedibles maker Alison D-Ray fromEttalew’sMedibles, these red velvetwhoopiepies are delicious and indulgent, as well as gluten-free. More edibles makers are creating products designed for patients… High Times

Jan 06

Tokers React to High-Priced Legal Marijuana Sales in Colorado

When the first legal marijuana sales in America began January 1 in Colorado, Facebook and Twitter lit up with posts by excitedtokersshowing their sales receipts for their first legal buy. Those posts were followed by thousands of re-tweets and shares by pot sm… High Times

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