Dec 09

Can/Should Pregnant Women Smoke Marijuana?

Can/Should Pregnant Women Smoke Marijuana?

Study DESCRIPTION! Can pregnant ladies Smoke Cannabis? Need to they? How may this impact the fetus? This topic may possibly seem bizarre, but I am constantly astonished at ho…
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25 comments on “Can/Should Pregnant Women Smoke Marijuana?

  1. Susie Salinas on said:

    My step sister smoked weed everyday through out all her pregnancies… her
    babies are relatively healthy but I believe they might have some delayed
    cognitive development… I do not agree with her doing that and hope no
    other woman decides that for their unborn children´╗┐

  2. Tre'Kela McFadden on said:

    I didnt think so ! Good to know haha :)´╗┐


    If you do not smoke cannabis during pregnancy than do not eat
    chocolate.either.” When I say this I am just emphasizing that weed and
    chocolate have cannabis compounds.Also my sarcasm is not hard too find. I
    am just showing how harmless cannabis is by comparing chocolate. I did not
    argue anything its just scientific sarcasm so ease yourself relax. Plus
    there are Hemp strains with extremely low THC.You do not have to get high 4
    it to have the same effect on your brain it is neuroprotectant .

  4. Sammy Sain on said:

    That has to be taken into consideration, as well. It’s generally smoked,
    wich carries obvious implications.

  5. Sammy Sain on said:

    I was not saying that you were wrong in regards to Anandamide being in
    chocolate, or that it is not a similar compound. You were arguing through
    your original comment that because they were similar and anandamide is
    present in chocolate that “If you do not smoke cannabis during pregnancy
    than do not eat chocolate.either.” Chocolate has very low levels of
    anandamide, so it’s consumption is negligible. Cannabis, on the other hand,
    has a fair amount of THC and other cannabinoids.


    Anandamide is the same as THC (weed compound). So look it up Anandamide is
    in chocolate. Just because it is not enough to get you high does NOT mean
    it is not there. I got a better idea google is anandamide in chocolate,
    Then google anandamide …Look Listen Learn

  7. Sammy Sain on said:

    That’s stupid. I’ve never gotten any effects even remotely similar from
    eating chocolate.

  8. Lauren C on said:

    I smoke cannabis whilst pregnant, not too much though.

  9. ihopeyourparentsdie on said:

    Me too, for healthy benefits!! ;)

  10. Javier Ayala on said:

    I Support Marijuana for Healthy Benefits 100%. EAT Healthy, Exercise, and
    Make Marijuana a part of your life for a healthier and happier life. You’d
    be surpised from tye great benefits of what Marijuana with Fitness and
    eating healthy will do. I Have 8yrs Strong. Im 26 but i look 19. I give
    credit and thank the Marijuana Plant for keeping me Healthy and wity a
    positive mind set.

  11. Nathan Young on said:

    as you call her a bitch …… smart

  12. Will Ta on said:

    Baby pops out slow as fuck missing legs

  13. Mat Lou on said:

    Yes it does cause problems for the baby! It can cause higher rates of
    spontaneous abortion, problems with labor and delivery, Mothers’ use is
    associated with mutant lymphocytes–deranged immune cell factors–which
    could later lead to higher rates of childhood cancers, Fathers’ use lead to
    higher rates of certain heart abnormalities, newborns can experience mild
    withdrawal and some nervous system effects, decreases in verbal ability and
    memory, problems with attention span, Pre-natally e


    Watch Dr. Dreher experiment Cannabis and pregnant women.. She found that
    smokers have normal kids. If you do not smoke cannabis during pregnancy
    than do not eat chocolate either. Chocolate has anandamide in it.
    Anandamide is the twin of THC. THC is the stuff in cannabis that gets you
    high. Anandamide has the same effect on the brain as marijuana, and it is
    in breast milk and babies.

  15. yolanda owens on said:

    23 yrs old n I’m a weed baby. Dont smoke while pregnant ur baby will b big
    n healthy from eating. All ur shit, they grow up to b smartasses and a
    bigger pot smoker than you. Hehe

  16. skylala9 on said:

    Greedy drug companies wont allow studies on it simply because they know
    its a healthier alternative to their poison. P.s Moderation is always key

  17. Mobtown84 on said:

    women who smoke doing their pregnancy seems to have pretty smart

  18. preciousxpony on said:

    I don’t smoke but I know someone who did throughout her pregnancy to help
    with her nausea as it was the only thing that stopped her from throwing up
    all day long every day. Her baby is turning 2 this month and she is not
    retarded at all. In response to @tucsonazrick. I don’t advocate it, like I
    said I don’t smoke or recommend it unless necessary. I just thought I would
    say you shouldn’t label the baby as retarded as it most likely will be just

  19. biffa28 on said:

    There is evidence to show that smoking dope early in pregnancy may cause
    male foetuses to have smaller genitals

  20. James Johnson on said:

    Just to think if she didn’t you could of had laser vision :(

  21. superacer1 on said:

    or even fly :D

  22. Tj Pendley on said:

    i’ve heard breast milk contains cannabinoids so smoking cannabis would just
    increase the cannabinoids in the breast milk is my opinion.

  23. Kristin McCoy on said:

    Thanks alot for posting this link! It was very helpful and actually eases
    my mind a bit…..I smoked with all 3 of my children and they are all
    perfectly healthy and very smart. I was just curious about studies shown on
    the topic being that Im having another one :)

  24. Ashelia Simmons on said:

    You should actually vaporize and eat edibles. weed babies are better then
    non-weed babies .

  25. spicysushi on said:

    my mom smoked marijuana while having me and theirs nothing
    wroodsjogfdkjbnlkcxsnbvlfdjlbldsbvvdlbvcld pizza.