May 17

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FLUORIDE and other nasty harmful pollutants that are purposely place in human intake items. In water, the air,.. everything, cause you to not treatment about …


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  1. 1mandala1

    This invention relates to the use of phytocannabinoids, either in an isolated form or in the form of a botanical drug substance (BDS) in the treatment of cancer. Preferably the cancer to be treated is cancer of the prostate, cancer of the breast or cancer of the colon

    Patent 3.7.2013 GW Pharma

  2. oseloth

    This part that it is depressant is not so much true. There is Sativa and Indika strains. Sativa won’t make you depressive. Au contraire, it will make you very happy and moving.

  3. Karista Hewes

    I actually went to WRMS and voted for Sam on election day. He’s not only a voice of logic and reason helping perpetuate a more forward-thinking society in the arena of cannabinoids but for his community as a whole. Thank you Sam for all you continue to do in our ‘hood!!!

  4. djcalidallas

    pass the grean beans to the left

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