May 16

Big TV – WeedsRX “Candy Lady”

Big TV - WeedsRX

Be part of Kathleen as she goes to the “Candy Girl” and learns how to make THC-based lollipops and other sweet dishes. She also learns a rather sweet rap in the pr…
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25 comments on “Big TV – WeedsRX “Candy Lady”

  1. JAMELL TATE on said:

    Do u think the boiling water method is better than just cooking the bud in the butter?

  2. TheJuansterMonster on said:

    Instead of using weed butter, can’t I just cook the bud directly into the corn syrup?

  3. Kyle Norris on said:

    This girl should be a signed artist

  4. Stone Jones on said:

    Use a double boiler instead. 1 lb butter (4 sticks), melted (no water in the top pan). I use whole bud in a food processor to chop super fine, add to the melted butter, cook on medium low for 4 hrs, then strain thru cheese cloth and refrigerate overnight. Use semi hard for cookies or micro for 1 minute and use in place of oil for brownies. Gooood stuff.

  5. lightningbug000 on said:

    trimmings off of the bud, if you look at a bud on a plant, little tiny leaf looking petals grow off of them. Growers usually trim them off when they dry them to make nice rounded buds. Never use the full plant leaves they are usuless and they just add it to really cheap weed as a filler.

  6. Jefferson Weed on said:


  7. MrCast686 on said:

    Wish they where my mom

  8. warnher on said:

    same thing happened to me but i use Clarified cannabutter and wonder if thats why it didnt work for me.

  9. mary melillo on said:

    yeah she said *fine trimmings ;)

  10. vlad klimovich on said:

    i wanna try a pop ;****** someone mail me one!

  11. Exigentable on said:

    Excellent advice from an excellent person.

  12. Exigentable on said:

    nah, it isn’t. i was confused.

    I would say there is a 1:10 (or 1:8 for the sake of the question) ratio to the potency of bud to trim. That isn’t going to be a universal number but it’s a safe rule of thumb I think.

  13. HomeworkClubCalif on said:

    Hey Lynn, Awesome. Your rap is sensational. Let’s get you on TV!!!!! :):):)

  14. centraldrummer on said:

    So you’re telling me that 8 ounces of trimmings (leaves) is equivalent to 8 ounces of bud (the flower)? That can’t be right…

  15. danigrams05 on said:

    Butter not mixing with the sugar? Try using a small sauce pan instead of a large or medium one.

  16. Maison Stradley on said:

    It’s like watching my mom cook food in a really good dream. The ending was awesome.

  17. Exigentable on said:

    8 ounces

  18. Exigentable on said:

    some people skip the water step so they dont have to let it seperate overnight. You lose oil if you don’t, but it’s much quicker.

  19. slavetothegamenet on said:

    question for anyone who knows …. how much weed goes into one lollipop BTW

  20. Stabsnipers on said:

    Can someone please explain why some recipes call for water and some do not?

  21. TheMonkeyMedicine on said:

    to cool!

  22. marydea2000 on said:

    ive made the butter and candy but having a problem having lots of oil that dosnt mix in to the candy,… does anyone have a solution?

  23. Siera Hehner on said:

    do you have a sugar free recipe?

  24. LRO1986 on said:

    Has anyone ever made these? If so, please message me!

  25. dharmabumx87 on said:

    thats was sooo awesome those ladies rule!