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Becoming a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan, advice?

Question by Woody: Turning out to be a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan, tips?
I am contemplating becoming a medical marijuana caregiver (grower). I reside in Michigan. Would like to know far more about this prospect, the good, bad and the ugly. Come to feel cost-free to remark if you have encounter, even if it truly is in one more state. Would like to know the difficulty, the pressure, the spend, the time needs, expenses, suggestions, and so forth. I know the condition of MI has information on their website, but would like to hear from men and women who in fact do it.

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Solution by great machine
thats a joke for a job. they dont genuinely have such a issue as that in michigan.im in michigan and I know its a rip-off.

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One comment on “Becoming a medical marijuana caregiver in Michigan, advice?

  1. mildred f on said:

    You think this really exists? MJ is still illegal at a federal level. Federal sentences are NEVER lenient.

    The trouble with dreams and reality is the level of work. So if you want a legal job, you must WORK hard. That is the difference. I plan to win the lottery and live happily ever after. See the difference?