Dec 31

Ann Arbor Wellness Collective – Michigan Medical Marijuana Program

The Ann Arbor Healthcare Marijuana Collective is a non-earnings team of MMMP clients and caregivers in Michigan advising in the use of Medical Marijuana and providing holistic services to members of the Michigan Medical Marijuana System MMMP.
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25 comments on “Ann Arbor Wellness Collective – Michigan Medical Marijuana Program

  1. silva lockz on said:

    i want to work here, would you consider having dance healing?

  2. Michigan Buds on said:

    Very Nice Looking Collective

  3. 1WayBlues on said:

    I’m MI MMJ patient, we primarily have patients (users) and caregivers (grower’s) while “not mentioning despensaries” in the law, but we have sweeping rights and some gray area around the topic such that local ordinances could regulate dispensaries as they see fit. Not many months ago, there was a significant court rulling against dispensaries such that most dispensaries promptly volentarily shut down. We need more activist peeps fighting the good fight. Thanks for the support, much appreciated.

  4. 1WayBlues on said:

    Susan, Michigan is “realy” poor, & the needy stress over $. I find U’r experience true much of the time so don’t feel alone. Michigan is a great state, but is financially troubled, that hampers neighborly generosity. I was homeless 2yrs ago, then got disability last yr after 4yrs destitute. Most offer 10% discount w/MMJ card or compassion club membership, some require hard proof, more gracious R less rigid. Sorry 2 hear humiliating anyone. Better luck next time.

  5. Susan Williams on said:

    I’m a patient on Disability,living on under $700 monthly,from the government.I went bc I heard they offered a 10% discount to patients on Diasability.I was refused the discount bc they could not visibly “see” that I am Disabled.I have multiple herniated discs in my neck,have spent years on narcotic painkillers,& rely on Disability checks to live.They refused a $1 discount,humiliated me in front of 3 staff & 2 other patients.
    I went home and cried.Plz-these are the people your $ supports.

  6. ZehFiend on said:

    Just registered today myself.

  7. HortonKansas on said:

    Proud to be a Michigan Medical Marijuana registrant…

  8. TooHazeyy on said:

    Pure Michigan

  9. MIKE RATHKE on said:

    sure, you can be a test dummy…lab rat…what have you


  10. MIKE RATHKE on said:

    When Jesus is into saying you are healed and the world is into making you admit that you are broken…Its such a tough decision isnt it lol fools

  11. MIKE RATHKE on said:

    pft, weed sucks

  12. Sm0k3NMirr0rs on said:

    the lab test is for the buds, not people

  13. shadalator on said:

    Can I get in on the “Lab Testing”?

  14. MrNewmanRay on said:

    Hands down best dispensary in Ann arbor. They have everything you could ever want. And very affordable prices.

  15. breath888 on said:

    Youtube blocked listing websites in comments….that’s why I put Dot org at the end. The deadline for the petition passed back in July, but you can still go to the website to follow what’s happening now and for 2014. (Committee for a Safer Michigan had a petition for the end of cannabis prohibition for the 2012 ballot…you can read about it at their site).

  16. redefine82 on said:

    repeal what?

  17. redefine82 on said:

    not all MM is equal. yes, a patient can find MM for the same low price as Cali. (i just moved back after living there four years, culminating my experience with a position as a bud tender) sadly, 9 times out of 10, there is neither tracability or quality testing performed. Ganjamamas collective is second only to this dispensary. You personally may not care about what exactly you are putting in your body, but for those who do, go to this collective.

  18. Minugcom on said:

    Need overages? want to sell overages? see my channel!

  19. BlackHit on said:

    Man I wouldn’t mind smoking up with that hottie any day of the week. Hit me up baby! ;)

  20. candimommi on said:

    would you mind sharing which ones please? :)

  21. Zack Greensber on said:

    I agree make the dispensary off of the colorado law. if you guys want to hear more. i have a few articles at we need them

  22. StrawberryCough99 on said:

    You’re a fuckin idiot. You can buy MM in Michigan for just as cheap as fuckin “Cali” you just need to know the right dispenseries

  23. kingdiamond69 on said:

    Says who ?

    Since the courts banned dispenseries and patient to patient tranfers nobodys getting high dollar on anything i get 200 bucks per zip of high grade BOG sour bubble or pre 98 bubba kush methinks your asking the wrong people.

  24. Richard Deluca on said:

    i agree with the overpriced comment. obviously california dispensaries have more choice for caregivers tho, and also the whole state is pretty radical as is ann arbor,mi (to the guy who said why cant they do this all over the state of Mi), but the price difference between cali and Mi dispensaries are insane, cali dispensaries have daily deals of like a Whole Oz of medicine for 100-150$ , where as here in michigan the daily deal might be an eigth of medicine for 40-45$.

  25. idavis09 on said:

    That blonde is insanely attractive… What a beauty!